Autumn Highlights 2018
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Inderscience is pleased to announce its new partnership with Yewno, which through their 'Yewno Discover' service will provide an additional platform for all Inderscience authors to get their research discovered and read. All our full-text articles will be available in the Yewno database, making authors' research more visible and findable on a global scale.

'Yewno Discover' has been adopted by the world's top universities, secondary schools and public libraries across seven countries globally. You can read more about Yewno here.

Inderscience is pleased to announce that the following new journal title has been registered, with publication planned for 2019:

Submitting Articles

To submit a paper to this new title or to any of Inderscience's journals, please visit our For Authors page.

Prof. Fabrizio Maimone
Editor in Chief, European Journal of Cross-Cultural Competence and Management

Companies and other kinds of organisations are becoming more "glocal" on a daily basis. The word "glocalisation" means global plus local. It was coined by the British sociologist Roland Robertson to reflect the complex cultural dynamics - produced by the interaction between global and local phenomena - that are typical of contemporary society. The theory of glocalisation may explain, for example, why the Toyota Production System was born in Japan and not in the USA... More

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Editorial Appointments

New editors have been appointed as follows:

Associate Prof. Tao Song to the International Journal of Adaptive and Innovative Systems.

Prof. Fei Yin to the International Journal of Computational Materials Science and Surface Engineering.

Dr. M. Affan Badar to the International Journal of Forensic Engineering and Management.

Prof. Darko Tipuric to the International Journal of Responsible Management in Emerging Economies.

Prof. Guangwei Huang to the International Journal of Sustainable Design.

Prof. Luca Gnan to the International Journal of Transitions and Innovation Systems.

Issue Increase

From 2019, the following journals will increase the frequency of their annual issues as shown:

International Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms from 8 to 12.

International Journal of Automation and Control from 4 to 6.

International Journal of Business Intelligence and Data Mining from 4 to 8.

International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering from 8 to 12.

International Journal of Computational Systems Engineering from 4 to 6.

International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology from 8 to 12.

International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing from 4 to 6.

International Journal of Heavy Vehicle Systems from 4 to 6.

International Journal of High Performance Computing and Networking from 8 to 12.

International Journal of Hydrology Science and Technology from 4 to 6.

International Journal of Information and Computer Security from 4 to 6.

International Journal of Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications from 4 to 6.

International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control from 8 to 12.

Inderscience is pleased to have its journals associated with the events listed below as a media partner. Click on any banner for further information. For a complete list of events - including those associated through the potential publication of invited, extended papers - please visit our Events page.

The following articles were selected for their wider appeal to a more general audience and some have been featured in the scientific and business press as well as the international media:

Computing, Mathematics and Communications
A blue noise pattern sampling method based on cloud computing to prevent aliasingInt. J. of Innovative Computing and Applications
An analysis of the 2016 US presidential election using Chanakya - a knowledge discovery platform for text miningInt. J. of Knowledge Engineering and Data Mining
Mining hidden opinions from objective sentencesInt. J. of Data Mining, Modelling and Management
Multi-cloud storage systems for mobile devices: study and analysisInt. J. of Mobile Learning and Organisation
Swift personal emergency help facilitated by the mobile cloudInt. J. of High Performance Computing and Networking
Theorising social networks addiction: an empirical investigationInt. J. of Social Media and Interactive Learning Environments
Education, Knowledge and Learning
Plagiarism detection based on semantic analysisInt. J. of Knowledge and Learning
Unpacking cognitive skills engaged in web-search: how can log files, eye movements, and cued-retrospective reports help? An in-depth qualitative case studyInt. J. of Innovation and Learning
Energy and Environment
Coastal and estuarine management in the UK: review and overview of perspectivesInterdisciplinary Environmental Review
Concentration of air pollutants in an urban parking garage in KuwaitWorld Review of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development
End-of-life-vehicle recycling in Germany: alternative for the reduction of CO2 emissionsInt. J. of Environment and Waste Management
Bibliometric analysis of the term 'green manufacturingInt. J. of Management Concepts and Philosophy
The role of geo-energy interests of Russia in secessionist conflicts in Eastern EuropeInt. J. of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology
Healthcare and Biosciences
A comparative analysis of lean implementations in NHS England hospitalsInt. J. of Lean Enterprise Research
A framework for predicting malaria using naïve Bayes classifierInt. J. Telemedicine and Clinical Practices
Applications of hyperspectral and optical scattering imaging technique in the detection of food microorganismInt. J. of Computational Vision and Robotics
Biological fabrication of silver nanomaterials and their applications in pharmaceutical fieldsInt. J. of Computational Materials Science and Surface Engineering
Classification of breast abnormality using decision tree based on GLCM features in mammogramsInt. J. of Computer Aided Engineering and Technology
Deletion genotype calling on the basis of sequence visualisation and image classificationInt. J. of Data Mining and Bioinformatics
Empirical relation between unemployment and alcohol beverage consumption in KoreaInt. J. of Economics and Business Research
Generic drug in Indonesia: why physicians and pharmacists mattersInt. J. of Monetary Economics and Finance
Health-related quality of life in consequences from frequency-quantity measures of alcohol consumption patternsInt. J. of Happiness and Development
ICT enabled collaborative e-health for cleft lip/palate treatmentInt. J. of Agile Systems and Management
Indoor air quality investigations in hospital patient roomInt. J. of Biomedical Engineering and Technology
Life-satisfaction is more a matter of feeling well than having what you want. Tests of Veenhoven's theoryInt. J. of Happiness and Development
Motivations and stake management in producing YouTube 'bro-science' videos for baldness treatmentInt. J. of Web Based Communities
Pregnant women's perception towards the prescription given by the doctorsInt. J. of Services and Operations Management
Study on the preparation and properties of puffing glutinous rice starchInt. J. of Nanomanufacturing
The spread pattern on Ebola and the control schemesInt. J. of Innovative Computing and Applications
Management and Business
An analysis of the financial inclusion in South Africa considering race, education and incomeWorld Review of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development
An approach to identify, prioritise and provide regulatory follow-up actions for new or emerging risks of chemicals for workers, consumers and the environmentInt. J. of Risk Assessment and Management
An empirical research on quality of work-life - an employee perspectiveInt. J. of Management Development
Appeals and spiels: a comparative analysis on alcohol advertising in the USA and IrelandInt. J. of Business Forecasting and Marketing Intelligence
Developing management skills through experiential learning: the effectiveness of outdoor training and mindfulnessEuropean J. of International Management
Examining Indian consumers belief and attitude about locavore foodInt. J. of Business Forecasting and Marketing Intelligence
Exploring how and why consumers create unintended uses of productsInt. J. of Business Innovation and Research
Is open access publishing a case of disruptive innovation?Int. J. of Business Environment
Measuring the comparative efficacy of an attractive celebrity influencer vis-à-vis an expert influencer - a fashion industry perspectiveInt. J. of Electronic Customer Relationship Management
Open source innovation: what makes it move?Int. J. of Business Innovation and Research
R&D team composition and product innovation: gender diversity makes a differenceEuropean J. of International Management
Recapturing images after a brand crisis through marketing communication in social networks: the Maggi controversyInt. J. of Export Marketing
Through the glass ceiling: is mentoring the way forward?Int. J. of Human Resources Development and Management
Risk, Safety and Emergency Management
Should we be afraid of cyber-terrorism?Int. J. of Electronic Security and Digital Forensics
Science, Engineering and Technology
A forensic evidence recovery from mobile device applicationsInt. J. of Digital Enterprise Technology
Effects of colour terms on the digital photography - a case study of cool coloursInt. J. of Cognitive Performance Support
Geopolitics in the search for the disappeared Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370Int. J. of Forensic Engineering
Noise removal using statistical operators for efficient leaf identificationInt. J. of Computer Aided Engineering and Technology
Pareidolia: characterising facial anthropomorphism and its implications for product designJ. of Design Research
Thermoeconomic diagnosis of an air-cooled air conditioning systemInt. J. of Exergy
Uncertainty assessment in the results of inverse problems: applied to damage detection in masonry damsInt. J. of Reliability and Safety
Society and Leisure
A fuzzy classification model for identification of potential areas of urban sprawlInt. J. of Society Systems Science
A simple method to assess walkability around metro stationsInt. J. of Sustainable Society
Entrepreneurship in the third age: retirees' motivation and intentionsInt. J. of Entrepreneurship and Small Business
Quantitative analysis of the puppet shapes in Ngayogyakarta Wayang KulitInt. J. of Arts and Technology
Respect toward partner mediates the relationship between authenticity and subjective happinessInt. J. of Happiness and Development

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