Calls for papers


Int. J. of Entrepreneurial Venturing (IJEV)
Special Issue on: "Concepts and Facets of Entrepreneurial Diversity"
Manuscripts due by: 1 November - 31 December, 2019
Notification to authors (1st round): 28 February, 2020
First revised manuscript due by: 30 April, 2020
Notification to authors (2nd round): 30 June, 2020
Final versions due by: 31 August, 2020
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World Review of Intermodal Transportation Research (WRITR)
Special Issue on: "Supply Chain Security Issues in Intermodal Transport"
Manuscripts due by: 28 February, 2019
Notification to authors: 30 April, 2019
Final versions due by: 30 June, 2019
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