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International Journal of Mechatronics and Manufacturing Systems (IJMMS)

International Journal of Mechatronics and Manufacturing Systems

The following articles showcase the range and quality of the content in the International Journal of Mechatronics and Manufacturing Systems (IJMMS)

Title Author(s) Vol. & Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Molten pool temperature monitoring in laser metal deposition: comparison between single wavelength and ratio pyrometry techniquesSimone Maffia; Valentina Furlan; Barbara PrevitaliVol.16 No.196 - 111Free access
A review on in-situ process sensing and monitoring systems for fusion-based additive manufacturingTuğrul ÖzelVol.16 No.2/3115 - 154Free access
Neural network as approach for detection of non-compliant semi-finished additive manufactured partsGianluca D'Urso; Mariangela QuartoVol.16 No.2/3261 - 279Free access
On predicting machined part accuracy from CNC machine errors using artificial neural networksMarios-Christos Koutsogiannis; George-Christopher VosniakosVol.16 No.2/3280 - 300Free access
Integration of human factors, cognitive ergonomics, and artificial intelligence in the human-machine interface for additive manufacturingEric Doran; Sharon Bommer; Adedeji BadiruVol.15 No.4310 - 330Free access
Effect of material inhomogeneity on chatter stabilityNevzat Bircan Bugdayci; Martin Postel; Konrad WegenerVol.15 No.4264 - 285Free access
Process concatenation to reduce thermal changes in machine toolsE. Wenkler; M. Selch; A. Hellmich; S. IhlenfeldtVol.15 No.2/3167 - 184Free access
Hybrid finite elements method-artificial neural network approach for hardness prediction of AA6082 friction stir welded jointsMariangela Quarto; Sara Bocchi; Gianluca D'Urso; Claudio GiardiniVol.15 No.2/3149 - 166Free access
Machine learning approaches towards digital twin development for machining systemsKrzysztof Jarosz; Tuğrul ÖzelVol.15 No.2/3127 - 148Free access
Performance improvement techniques for neural networks in tool condition monitoringArup Dey; Nita YodoVol.15 No.2/3107 - 126Free access
A review on process models and controller design in proton-exchange membrane fuel cellsTuğrul ÖzelVol.15 No.11 - 19Free access
Physics-based simulation models for digital twin development in laser powder bed fusionLihang Yang; Tuğrul ÖzelVol.14 No.2143 - 163Free access
Relevance of single channel signals for two-colour pyrometer process monitoring of laser powder bed fusionKai Gutknecht; Michael Cloots; Konrad WegenerVol.14 No.2111 - 127Free access