OAI repository

OAI Access to Inderscience Journals

Inderscience is offering the convenience of the OAI protocol, the standard framework for interoperability among e-publishing providers.

The OAI protocol provides free access to the metadata of all the articles published in our journals. This access is available for search engines, aggregators, portals and any web-based services that wish to harvest, index and search the metadata of the articles published by Inderscience.

Please send an email to Technical Support to register and start to harvest Inderscience"s OAI repository. Include in your message a contact name, the URL of your organisation, and the IP addresses of the computers that you are going to use to harvest our OAI repository. Please notice that currently we only accept a maximum of two IP addresses.

What is OAI?

OAI stands for Open Archives Initiative and is based on a technology known as XML. Specifically, OAI will allow you to have up-to-date copies of the abstracts of the articles published by Inderscience.

According to the Open Archives Forum:

The essence of the open archives approach is to enable access to Web-accessible material through interoperable repositories for metadata sharing, publishing and archiving. It arose out of the e-print community, where a growing need for a low-barrier interoperability solution to access across fairly heterogeneous repositories lead to the establishment of the Open Archives Initiative (OAI). The OAI develops and promotes a low-barrier interoperability framework and associated standards, originally to enhance access to e-print archives, but now taking into account access to other digital materials. As it says in the OAI mission statement, "The Open Archives Initiative develops and promotes interoperability standards that aim to facilitate the efficient dissemination of content."

Further Information

The Inderscience OAI repository has been created by the Inderscience – EEVL Partnership under the JISC-funded 5/03 Metadata & Interoperability Project.