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Globalisation, Technology and Sustainable Development book series
Series Editor: Dr. Allam Ahmed

Shipping and Transport Logistics (STL)

Theories of the Firm (6th Edition)
by Demetri Kantarelis

"The Theories of the Firm covers much of the current developments on the theory of a firm. A most comprehensive summary of transaction costs, principal-agent, and evolutionary theory of the firm can scarcely be found elsewhere. The book is highly pedagogical in that it is sometimes illustrative, sometimes mathematically challenging, and sometimes very descriptive, depending upon the demands of the subject matter itself. We highly recommend this book for both advanced undergraduate and upper level studies, as well as for practitioners of the ordinary business of life."
Michael Szenberg, Pace University, USA & Lall B. Ramrattan, University of California - Berkeley / Extension, USA

Freedom and the Third Hellenization Period
by Demetri Kantarelis

"Freedom and the Third Hellenization Period enlightens you in a laconic fashion on how Hellenization has been evolving through time and how it has become a global living culture. Undoubtably, readers, regardless of ethnical origins, will feel empowered and ready to unify for a better future."
Shane Epting, Ph.D., Philosophy Department, Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA

Foundation of Event-Driven Management of Quality of Economics, The State and Human Life
Monograph by Evgeny Dmitrievich Solozhentsev