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International Journal of Nuclear Hydrogen Production and Applications (IJNHPA)

International Journal of Nuclear Hydrogen Production and Applications

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Safety assessment for the deficient operation data in the gas-cooled nuclear power plants for hydrogen productionTae-Ho Woo, Tae-Woo KimVol.2 No.3237-245Free access
Membrane development for applications in hydrogen production using the sulphur-iodine thermochemical routeSoumitra Kar, R.C. Bindal, S. Prabakar, P.K. Tewari, S. Ramanathan, Jeetendra Nuwad, C.G.S. PillaiVol.2 No.3227-236Free access
HycycleS: a project on nuclear and solar hydrogen production by sulphur-based thermochemical cyclesM. Roeb, D. Thomey, D. Graf, C. Sattler, S. Poitou, F. Pra, P. Tochon, C. Mansilla, J-C. Robin, F. Le Naour, R.W.K. Allen, R. Elder, I. Atkin, G. Karagiannakis, C. Agrafiotis, A.G. Konstandopoulos, M. Musella, P. Haehner, A. Giaconia, S. Sau, P. Tarquini, S. Haussener, A. Steinfeld, S. Martinez, I. Canadas, A. Orden, M. Ferrato, J. Hinkley, E. Lahoda, B. WongVol.2 No.3202-226Free access
Potential of hybridisation of the thermochemical hybrid-sulphur cycle for the production of hydrogen by using nuclear and solar energy in the same plantNathalie Monnerie, Mark Schmitz, Martin Roeb, Dominik Quantius, Daniela Graf, Christian Sattler, Daniel De LorenzoVol.2 No.3178-201Free access
The future of human civilisation, hydrogen civilisation: theoretical and humanitarian-cultural groundwork of the transitionVictor A. GoltsovVol.2 No.3159-177Free access