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  A new journal title has been published and uploaded to our online database since the previous Highlights. Here are its contents; to find the free full text of the articles of this inaugural issue, please click on the links provided:

International Journal of Aerospace System Science and Engineering
International Journal of Aerospace System Science and Engineering

  • Synthesising knowledge for lean product development process of a low noise jet engine
  • Design and implementation of low-power low-cost quasi steady-state magnetoplasmadynamic propulsion using Ar-He and N2-He gas mixtures
  • Prospects of siting a spaceport in Africa
  • Unique role of small satellites in empowering spacecraft formation flying missions
  • Autonomous wildfire hotspot detection using a fixed wing UAV
  • Design and fabrication of 3D printed QuadDrone for altitude measurement

Additional Information

The first issues of all our journals are available as free full-text issues. Abstracts and bibliographic details are also available for all articles, and subscription details may be found here.

For more new journals published recently, go to our Journal news page. We also have other new journals in the last stages of the production process, so use the Inderscience news page and blog to keep up with our progress.

Please contact or fax +41-22-9295600 for details of subscriptions.

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Inderscience is pleased to announce that the following new journal title has been registered, with publication planned for 2022:

International Journal of Digital Transformation

Submitting Articles

To submit a paper to this new title or to any of Inderscience's journals, please visit our For Authors page.

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Inderscience Publishers' online journal collections represent excellent value for money. You can

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◾ select one or more of our pre-selected subject collections ◾
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Our ten pre-selected online journal subject collections are listed below. Each collection is broken into more specific sub-collections, full details of which are available via the links provided.

Computing and Mathematics
Economics and Finance
Education, Knowledge and Learning
Energy and Environment
Healthcare and Biosciences
Management and Business
Public Policy and Administration
Risk, Safety and Emergency Management
Science, Engineering and Technology
Society and Leisure

A subscription to the full online journal collection, a pre-selected subject collection or a customised collection can provide extensive discounts on title list prices. To request a quotation, to set up a FREE institutional online trial or for further information about our licensing options, please email

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Please help Atypon share the latest coronavirus research and news

In response to the global pandemic, Atypon has created a website with a free real-time, social media-like feed that delivers the latest peer-reviewed research, preprints and news on the coronavirus pandemic as soon as it is published. Their goal is to help the professionals combating this outbreak to get the latest facts sooner and put them into practice more quickly.

To help us expand the reach of this resource, please consider sharing the link to the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak Special Edition with your networks. This free feed aggregates content from over 30,000 authoritative sources across the web to accelerate the discovery of trusted, comprehensive information.

The Novel Coronavirus Outbreak Special Edition feed is driven by Scitrus, Atypon’s AI-based discovery technology. The feed is publicly available at

Scholarly publishing community has role to play in protecting U.S. healthcare workers from COVID-19: non-medical professionals asked to donate protective supplies to

Critical PPE items such as facemasks, goggles, gloves, and protective gowns are stockpiled in offices and facilities that have been closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic: from labs in universities and corporations, to machine shops, cleanrooms and engineering and construction job sites.

The website is coordinating the transfer of unused PPE from private organisations to the healthcare facilities requesting them in the same vicinity. is a grassroots organisation led by emergency medicine physicians, working to give all PPE proceeds to the frontline healthcare workers most in need. needs:

  • Surgical masks
  • Goggles
  • Face shields
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Isolation gowns
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Scrubs
  • Disposable shoe covers
  • Nasopharyngeal swabs
  • Respirators

Please visit for details of how you can help.

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Inderscience board member Prof. Mohan Munasinghe wins Blue Planet Prize

Inderscience is pleased to announce that Prof. Mohan Munasinghe, an Editorial Board Member for both the International Journal of Global Environmental Issues and International Journal of Global Warming, has been awarded a 2021 Blue Planet Prize. This year marks the 30th awarding of the Blue Planet Prize, an international environmental award sponsored by the Asahi Glass Foundation, chaired by Takuya Shimamura. Every year, the Foundation selects two winners, individuals or organisations who have made significant contributions to the resolution of global environmental problems.

Prof. Munasinghe made the following statement:

"I am deeply grateful and honoured to receive the 2021 Blue Planet Prize, the premier global environmental sustainability award, symbolizing the outstanding commitment of the Asahi Glass Foundation of Japan, to a better future. I am indebted also to many who have contributed generously to my intellectual development and emotional intelligence, including teachers, mentors, colleagues, family and friends. Social ties have been invaluable to survive the pressures of COVID-19.

It is encouraging to learn that the award committee has specifically acknowledged several key concepts I developed and their practical application worldwide, during almost 5 decades, including the Sustainomics framework, sustainable development triangle (economy, environment, society), balanced inclusive green growth (BIGG), and Millennium Consumption Goals (MCGs).

My research interests have evolved, from basic disciplines like engineering, physics and economics, to application sectors like energy, water, transport, ICT, and environmental resources, and finally to multidisciplinary topics like poverty, disasters, climate change and sustainable development. This eclectic experience helped me develop Sustainomics, as an integrative, trans-disciplinary methodology. Drawing on my past work and the global platform provided by the prestigious Blue Planet Prize, I will continue my modest efforts to make our planet more sustainable for all."

Inderscience's Editorial Office sends its sincere congratulations to Prof. Munasinghe for this outstanding and significant achievement.


Inderscience journals newly indexed by Clarivate Analytics' Emerging Sources Citation Index

Inderscience is pleased to announced that the International Journal of Hydromechatronics, the International Journal of Knowledge Management Studies and the International Journal of Sustainable Agricultural Management and Informatics have been indexed by the Clarivate Analytics' Emerging Sources Citation Index.

Prof. Yimin Shao, Editor in Chief of International Journal of Hydromechatronics, says, "I am very glad that IJHM has been included in the Emerging Sources Citations Index. It is a recognition of the academic achievements and editorial work of the journal. I would like to express our sincerest gratitude to all those who have contributed to this journal. We will continue to adhere to our publishing policy, and to publish high-quality papers to promote academic exchange and development within the fluid power and electromechanical control fields."

Prof. Jin Chen, Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Knowledge Management Studies, stated, "This is really good news. Being indexed in ESCI marks another major milestone for our journal. As the Editor in Chief, I would like to take this opportunity to express my great thanks to our authors, reviewers, global community of readers and editorial board members who have worked for IJKMS as volunteers for the past few years. We will continue to uphold the principle of high-quality publishing and provide more in-depth and wide-breadth coverage of cutting-edge research results for researchers and practitioners in the field of knowledge management."

Prof. Basil Manos, Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Sustainable Agricultural Management and Informatics, says, "Getting IJSAMI into the Emerging Sources Citations Index is the outcome of our persistent and methodical efforts to ensure the highest quality of papers, to use competent reviewers, and to have fast email exchanges with our authors and reviewers. I am very pleased and excited with this acknowledgment of our work, and I remain committed to providing the international scientific community with a journal of the highest quality."

European Journal of International Management celebrates indexing achievements

We are pleased to announce that the European Journal of International Management has recently improved its indexing scores on several fronts, with a move to Rating 2 in the Chartered ABS Academic Journals Guide, an improved Scopus CiteScore of 3.7 (from 2.7), and a Scimago H index jump to 25 (from 22). EJIM's Editor in Chief and Deputy Editor in Chief, Prof. Ilan Alon and Prof. Włodzimierz, thank their editorial staff, Senior Editors, Editorial and Review Board, reviewers and authors for helping the journal to make such excellent progress.

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The following sample issues and open access articles have been made available since the previous edition of Highlights. All of the articles can be accessed for free.
Free Sample Issues
Computing, Mathematics and Communications
Int. J. of Cloud Computing
Int. J. of Computing Science and Mathematics
Int. J. of Data Analysis Techniques and Strategies
Int. J. of Dynamical Systems and Differential Equations
Int. J. of High Performance Systems Architecture
Int. J. of Image Mining
Int. J. of Internet Protocol Technology
Int. J. of Swarm Intelligence
Int. J. of Web Engineering and Technology
Economics and Finance
Int. J. of Diplomacy and Economy
Int. J. of Financial Services Management
Education, Knowledge and Learning
Int. J. of Information and Operations Management Education
Int. J. of Innovation in Education
Int. J. of Knowledge and Learning
Int. J. of Teaching and Case Studies
Energy and Environment
Int. J. of Environmental Technology and Management
Int. J. of Global Environmental Issues
Int. J. of Renewable Energy Technology
Int. J. of Sustainable Aviation
Int. J. of Sustainable Design
Int. J. of Sustainable Development
Int. J. of Sustainable Materials and Structural Systems
Int. J. of Sustainable Society
World Review of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development
Healthcare and Biosciences
Int. J. of Bioinformatics Research and Applications
Int. J. of Computational Biology and Drug Design
Management and Business
Int. J. of Business Continuity and Risk Management
Int. J. of Business Performance and Supply Chain Modelling
Int. J. of Electronic Customer Relationship Management
Int. J. of Entrepreneurial Venturing
Int. J. of Export Marketing
Int. J. of Human Resources Development and Management
Int. J. of Information Technology and Management
Int. J. of Internet Manufacturing and Services
Int. J. of Inventory Research
Int. J. of Management Concepts and Philosophy
Int. J. of Manufacturing Technology and Management
Int. J. of Project Organisation and Management
Int. J. of Product Development
Int. J. of Product Lifecycle Management
Int. J. of Service and Computing Oriented Manufacturing
Int. J. of Services Operations and Informatics
Int. J. of Sport Management and Marketing
Int. J. of Supply Chain and Inventory Management
Int. J. of Supply Chain and Operations Resilience
Int. J. of System of Systems Engineering
Int. J. of Technology, Policy and Management
Int. J. of Technology Transfer and Commercialisation
Int. J. of Work Organisation and Emotion
J. for Global Business Advancement
Public Policy and Administration
Int. J. of Electronic Governance
Int. J. of Public Law and Policy
Science, Engineering and Technology
Int. J. of Advanced Mechatronic Systems
Int. J. of Autonomous and Adaptive Communications Systems
Int. J. of Critical Infrastructures
Int. J. of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
Int. J. of Engineering Systems Modelling and Simulation
Int. J. of Heavy Vehicle Systems
Int. J. of Hydromechatronics
Int. J. of Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications
Int. J. of Manufacturing Research
Int. J. of Materials and Product Technology
Int. J. of Mechanisms and Robotic Systems
Int. J. of Mechatronics and Manufacturing Systems
Int. J. of Mining and Mineral Engineering
Int. J. of Nano and Biomaterials
Int. J. of Nanoparticles
Int. J. of Sustainable Materials and Structural Systems
Int. J. of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development
Int. J. of Vehicle Design
Int. J. of Vehicle Systems Modelling and Testing
Society and Leisure
Int. J. of Agile Systems and Management
Int. J. of Arts and Technology
Int. J. of Society Systems Science
Int. J. of Tourism Anthropology
Int. J. of Tourism Policy
Open Access Articles
A review of FinTech research
Int. J. of Technology Management
CNN-based anomaly detection for packet payloads of industrial control system
Int. J. of Sensor Networks
Code completion for programming education based on deep learning
Int. J. of Computational Intelligence Studies
Critical success factors for technology-based startups
Int. J. of Entrepreneurship and Small Business
Comparison of affective perception by country for emerging IT products and services
Int. J. of Mobile Communications
Demonstrating interoperability between unmanned ground systems and command and control systems
Int. J. of Intelligent Defence Support Systems
ICT enabled cross-sector collaboration in emergency response: emerging forms of public-sector network governance
Int. J. of Emergency Management
Is benzoyl peroxide detectable under physiological conditions in orthopaedic cement?
Int. J. of Nano and Biomaterials
Learning from global suppliers: the diffusion of small wind in low- and middle-income countries
Int. J. of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development
Treaty framing and climate science: challenges in managing the risk of global warming
Int. J. of Global Environmental Issues

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The following articles were selected for their wider appeal to a more general audience, and some have been featured in the scientific and business press as well as the international media:
Computing, Mathematics and Communications
A distributed architecture for large scale news and social media processing
A handwriting document encryption scheme based on segmentation and chaotic logarithmic map
An ant colony optimisation-based framework for the detection of suspicious content and profile from text corpus
Android apps and advertising networks – a survey on data privacy
Face spoofing detection using improved SegNet architecture with a blur estimation technique
Fake news and misinformation detection on headlines of COVID-19 using deep learning algorithms
Identifying natural images and computer-generated graphics based on convolutional neural network
Leveraging app features to improve mobile app retrieval
On the adoption of scramble keypad for unlocking PIN-protected smartphones
What are students thinking and feeling? Understanding them from social data mining
Economics and Finance
Examining the impact of coronavirus on stock markets: investigating the cointegration and transmission of shocks between China and the world's largest stock markets
The idea of a human rights-based economic recovery after COVID-19
Education, Knowledge and Learning
A novel model of neurocognitive bilingual effect
Is the h-index the best criterion to select scientists?
Energy and Environment
Development of modified kaolins for the removal of As (III) in waters
Financing for Sub-Saharan African sustainable development: from billions to trillions to action
Flight shaming consumers into aviation sustainability: which factors moderate?
Production, characterisation, comparison, and performance of algae biodiesel as an eco-friendly fuel
Unique lightning signatures observed from sub-tropical, mountainous country, Nepal
Healthcare and Biosciences
An e-healthcare authentication protocol employing cloud computing
A novel hybrid approach to blaze out a new path for glaucoma detection, monitoring and sustainable results in fundus images
Human skin ringworm detection using wavelet and curvelet transforms: a comparative study
In silico studies of bioactive phytocompounds with anticancer activity from in vivo and in vitro extracts of Justicia wynaadensis (Nees) T. Anderson
Molecular docking, ADME and toxicity study of some chemical and natural plant based drugs against COVID-19 main protease
Using augmented reality to support children with dyslexia
Management and Business
Covid-19 pandemic: small actor point of view on manufacturing and logistics
Credibility of digital influencers on YouTube and Instagram
Crowdfunding and start-ups: an Indian context
Exploring the role of organisational innovation in the time of COVID-19
'Fame and Envy 2.0' in luxury fashion influencer marketing on Instagram: comparison between mega-celebrities and micro-celebrities
Impact of lockdown and CSR activities undertaken by the corporates during COVID-19 in India
Initiatives taken by NGOs and private companies to fight the COVID-19 pandemic
Is this the beginning of the end for retail websites? A professional perspective
JIT: the best approach after lockdown in country
Online influencers: healthy food or fake news
STEM educated women entrepreneurs in Denmark, Latvia and Turkey: a context-based explorative study
Strategies for reward based crowdfunding campaigns in video games: a context of indie game developers in the UK
What is inside the mind of teenagers on Instagram?
Public Policy and Administration
Rescuing, kidnapping, and criminalising. Migration containment in the Mediterranean
How to pay for the coronavirus emergency: the fiscal challenge
Risk, Safety and Emergency Management
Assessment of ergonomic risk factors in occupational motorcycle riding: an experimental investigation
Management of nuclear power plant emergency: a case of Korea
Role of machine learning and big data in healthcare for the prediction of epidemic diseases: a survey
Secure data communication IoT and wireless sensor network for COVID-19
The role of international law in controlling disease outbreaks
The spreading of covid-19 in India and its impact: a mathematical analysis
Science, Engineering and Technology
Music note position recognition in optical music recognition using convolutional neural network
Prospects of siting a spaceport in Africa
Real-time sign language recognition based on video stream
Society and Leisure
Benefits and challenges of social networking during COVID-19: personal perspective
Faith communities online: Christian churches' reactions to the COVID-19 outbreak
Framing social media and web-based communities within the COVID-19 pandemic: enduring social isolation and subsequent deconfinement
Work stress and work life balance: a study of working professionals of the IT sector

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