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International Journal of Computational Biology and Drug Design (IJCBDD)

International Journal of Computational Biology and Drug Design

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
In silico prediction and evaluation of interaction between protein arginine N-methyltransferase 5 cancer target and curcumin derivatives by molecular docking and simulationMadhulata Kumari; Subhash ChandraVol.10 No.179-86Free access
Modelling response of excitable cells induced by electromagnetic fieldsSoheil Hashemi; Ali AbdolaliVol.10 No.163-78Free access
Interactions of phytic acid with anticancer drug targetsAmitha Joy; S. BalajiVol.10 No.149-62Free access
In silico virtual screening of PubChem compounds against phosphotransacetylase, a putative drug target for Staphylococcus aureusP. Bharath Siva Varma; Yesu Babu Adimulam; K. SubrahmanyamVol.10 No.139-48Free access
A KLD-LSSVM based computational method applied for feature ranking and classification of primary biliary cirrhosis stagesAman Singh; Babita PandeyVol.10 No.124-38Free access
Developing target-specific scoring using black-box optimisationElham Shamsara; Jamal ShamsaraVol.10 No.112-23Free access
Implication of biotransformation of berberine and its derivatives on FtsZ protein: an in silico studyD. Naveen Chandra; C. Sharanya Suresh; G. Arun Kumar; P.M. Sandeep; A. Sabu; M. HaridasVol.10 No.11-11Free access


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