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International Journal of Computational Biology and Drug Design (IJCBDD)

International Journal of Computational Biology and Drug Design

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
TopQA: a topological representation for single-model protein quality assessment with machine learningJohn Smith; Matthew Conover; Natalie Stephenson; Jesse Eickholt; Dong Si; Miao Sun; Renzhi CaoVol.13 No.1144-153Free access
Modelling of hypoxia gene expression for three different cancer cell linesBabak Soltanalizadeh; Erika Gonzalez Rodriguez; Vahed Maroufy; W. Jim Zheng; Hulin WuVol.13 No.1124-143Free access
Boosting gene expression clustering with system-wide biological information: a robust autoencoder approachHongzhu Cui; Chong Zhou; Xinyu Dai; Yuting Liang; Randy Paffenroth; Dmitry KorkinVol.13 No.198-123Free access
Pessimistic optimisation for modelling microbial communities with uncertaintyMeltem Apaydin; Liang Xu; Bo Zeng; Xiaoning QianVol.13 No.182-97Free access
High scoring segment selection for pairwise whole genome sequence alignment with the maximum scoring subsequence and GPUsAbdulrhman Aljouie; Ling Zhong; Usman RoshanVol.13 No.171-81Free access
Brain-wide structural connectivity alterations under the control of Alzheimer risk genesJingwen Yan; V. Vinesh Raja; Zhi Huang; Enrico Amico; Kwangsik Nho; Shiaofen Fang; Olaf Sporns; Yu-chien Wu; Andrew Saykin; Joaquín Goñi; Li ShenVol.13 No.158-70Free access
Drug-drug interaction prediction based on co-medication patterns and graph matchingWen-Hao Chiang; Li Shen; Lang Li; Xia NingVol.13 No.136-57Free access
A De-Novo drug design and ADMET study to design small molecule stabilisers targeting mutant (V210I) human prion protein against familial Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (fCJD)Rafat Alam; G.M. Sayedur Rahman; Nahid Hasan; Abu Sayeed ChowdhuryVol.13 No.121-35Free access
A hidden Markov model-based approach to reconstructing double minute chromosome ampliconsRuslan T. Mardugalliamov; Kamal Al Nasr; Matthew HayesVol.13 No.15-20Free access