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International Journal of Diplomacy and Economy (IJDipE)

International Journal of Diplomacy and Economy

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
All weather friends: How did the Russia-Ukraine war impact Indian stock markets?Mohit Saini; Mahender Yadav; Vaibhav Aggarwal; Manoj KumarVol.9 No.193-111Free access
State of economic play: European Union and economic diplomacyGorazd JustinekVol.9 No.181-92Free access
Leveraging Chinese economic presence in the post-lockdown Ghanaian market space and the growth of China's public relations and diplomacyThomas Ameyaw-BrobbeyVol.9 No.157-80Free access
The impact of women's economic empowerment on the rise of female entrepreneurship and human capital in South AfricaVito Bobek; Andrea Schachl; Tatjana HorvatVol.9 No.123-56Free access
The effects of China's wolf warrior diplomacy on the Chinese economy: a stock market perspectiveKerry LiuVol.9 No.15-22Free access