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International Journal of Diplomacy and Economy (IJDipE)

International Journal of Diplomacy and Economy

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
The handling of people smuggling involving foreign nationals as efforts to safeguard Indonesian territoriesShinta HadiyantinaVol.6 No.185-104Free access
Economic diplomacy in small countries: a four-action plan for the Cayman IslandsLaura Panadès-EstruchVol.6 No.167-84Free access
What can be learned from Israel by the European Union in the field of innovation?Lindita Komani; Vito BobekVol.6 No.151-66Free access
Evaluation of Save-ideas intellectual property protection conceptRahel T. KibrethVol.6 No.141-50Free access
Improving competitiveness between EU rural regions through access to tertiary education and sources of innovationIona Cecily Moore Kirkpatrick; Tatjana Horvat; Vito BobekVol.6 No.126-40Free access
Analysis of a Blockchain-based website using the technology acceptance model: the case of Save IdeasTaşkın DirsehanVol.6 No.117-25Free access
Connecting and protecting knowledge from different disciplines into sensible toolbox approaches in medium-sized cities: the case of liminal city CadastersNayarí Castillo-Rutz; Tatjana HorvatVol.6 No.14-16Free access