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International Journal of Diplomacy and Economy (IJDipE)

International Journal of Diplomacy and Economy

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Mineral resources endowment and economic growth in Southern African countriesOlawumi D. Awolusi; Josue Mbonigaba; Christian K. TipoyVol.4 No.159-79Free access
Soft power and place branding in the United Arab Emirates: examples of the tourism and film industriesDonya Saberi; Cody Morris Paris; Belisa MarochiVol.4 No.144-58Free access
Organising Greek commercial diplomacy: oscillating between integrated and fragmented models of organisationElena GeorgiadouVol.4 No.125-43Free access
Greater legitimacy of small island developing states: a statistical perspective on its definitionAllister Mounsey; Asha SinghVol.4 No.11-24Free access