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International Journal of Diplomacy and Economy (IJDipE)

International Journal of Diplomacy and Economy

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
The change management process in the contemporary environmentTanja SedejVol.7 No.166-78Free access
China's role in denuclearising North KoreaTara E. JordanVol.7 No.158-65Free access
Potential impact of 'belt and road' initiative on trade of Euro-Mediterranean countries with ChinaLin Wang; Vito Bobek; Anita Maček; Tatjana HorvatVol.7 No.133-57Free access
The missing link: cities and soft power of nationsEfe SevinVol.7 No.119-32Free access
Compass for public/private management in turbulent times: corporate diplomacyWilfried BolewskiVol.7 No.14-18Free access