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  • Economic and Corporate Diplomacy in the exports of tequila to China   Order a copy of this article
    by Francisco Javier Gorjón Gómez, Gabriela Mata-Sanchez 
    Abstract: Tequila exports to China have seen an important increase over the last few years. This is due to the efforts of public and private actors. The aim of this paper is to analyze the efforts for increasing tequila exports in China from the perspectives of Economic and Corporate Diplomacy. The methodology consisted of semi-structured interviews made to agents that have participated directly in the promotion of the tequila exports into China. The data collected from the interviews shows that the presence of tequila in China is due to the combined strategies of different Mexican actors. It is suggested that further lines of investigation could focus on the impact of private-public cooperation and legitimacy building.
    Keywords: Diplomacy; Economic Diplomacy; Corporate Diplomacy; Tequila; Exports,rnMultinationals; Legitimacy; Stakeholders.

  • Economic diplomacy in the field of supporting the internationalization Slovenian small and medium-sized enterprises   Order a copy of this article
    by Edina Zejnic 
    Abstract: The article distinguishes between economic, commercial and financial diplomacy. The Slovenian economy is small but fast growing and export-oriented economy. Economic diplomacy, focused in this article, helps Slovenian companies to plan the entering new markets, to enter and/or upon regular business on new markets. Internationalization enables SMEs to grow and compete, but SMEs need an effective supportive enovroment to achieve them. In Slovenia these are the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology in close cooperation with other ministries, Public Agency for Entrepreneurship, Internationalization, Foreign Investments and Technology, Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Entrepreneurship, SID Bank, diplomatic consular missions and honorary consuls of the Republic of Slovenia abroad, Slovenian business clubs operating abroad, network Enterprise Europe Network, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia, other chambers of industry and other institutions. The article focuses on the main question of whether and why small and medium-sized enterprises need the help of economic diplomacy in internationalization.
    Keywords: economic diplomacy; commercial diplomacy; financial diplomacy; small and medium-sized enterprises; internationalization; promotion of internationalization; exports; foreign direct investments; Slovenian economy.

  • International comparison of transport services based on the trade performance index Slovenias position in relation to other EU countries   Order a copy of this article
    by Marjan Sternad, Tina Cvahte Ojsteršek 
    Abstract: Transport services are a prerequisite for trade and economic development and at the same time an integral part of it. International trade in transport services is growing, but the comparability of individual countries in comparison to its trade partners varies greatly. In the present paper, we strived to analyse 24 EU member countries regarding a set of transport services international trade indicators. The indicators were calculated based on raw data from Intracen, and countries were grouped into four major groups with cluster analysis. Cluster analysis revealed four clusters of EU countries with similar international transport services trade indicators. Slovenia was taken as a focal country to further analyse the state of transport services trade and its position as an exporter and importer of transport services. The main finding is that Slovenia has a high growth of export services and it is expected that its position on the market of transport services will continue to grow in the following years.
    Keywords: transport services; international trade; trade performance index.