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International Journal of Sustainable Materials and Structural Systems (IJSMSS)

International Journal of Sustainable Materials and Structural Systems

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Comparison between honeycomb and composite corrugated cores in sandwich panels under compression loadingEltahry Elghandour; Nagwa ElzayadyVol.5 No.1/2179-192Free access
Structural health monitoring of composites from carbon nanotube coated e-glass fibreEltahry Elghandour; Amro El Badawy; Ashraf Elbarbary; Sidney Wong; Omar Dwidar; Sergio Rafael RodriguezVol.5 No.1/2164-178Free access
Damage reduction countermeasures for short span bridges focusing on restorability of structural jointsTeruhiko Yoda; Weiwei LinVol.5 No.1/2147-163Free access
A strategic framework for resilient and sustainable urban infrastructure systems - an overview, modelling, design and assessmentWael A. Altabey; Mohammad Noori; Ying ZhaoVol.5 No.1/2121-146Free access
From event to performance function-based resilience analysis and improvement processes for more sustainable systemsIvo Häring; Johannes Schäfer; Georg Vogelbacher; Kai Fischer; Werner Riedel; Katja Faist; Jörg Finger; Mirjam Fehling-Kaschek; Benjamin Scharte; Katharina Ross; Elena-Maria Restayn; Alexander Stolz; Tobias Leismann; Stefan HiermaierVol.5 No.1/290-120Free access
Present and future resilience research driven by science and technologyMarco Domaneschi; Gian Paolo Cimellaro; Lili Xie; Michel Bruneau; Zhishen Wu; Max Didier; Mohammad Noori; Aftab A. Mufti; Xilin Lu; Xinzheng Lu; Jinpin Ou; Shamim Sheikh; Ying Zhou; Teruhiko Yoda; Ertugrul Taciroglu; Ivo Häring; Anastasios SextosVol.5 No.1/250-89Free access
Resilience and sustainability of FRP-retrofitted concrete structuresS. Mukhtar Homam; Shamim A. SheikhVol.5 No.1/235-49Free access
Resilient isolation-structure systems with super-large displacement friction pendulum bearingsJinping Ou; Peisong Wu; Xinchun GuanVol.5 No.1/211-34Free access
Resilience and recoverability enhancement of concrete structuresZhishen Wu; Mohamed F.M. FahmyVol.5 No.1/21-10Free access