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International Journal of Hydromechatronics (IJHM)

International Journal of Hydromechatronics

The following articles showcase the range and quality of the content in the International Journal of Hydromechatronics (IJHM)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Surrogate models in machine learning for computational stochastic multi-scale modelling in composite materials designBokai Liu; Weizhuo LuVol.5 No.4336-365Free access
TCM in milling processes based on attention mechanism-combined long short-term memory using a sound sensor under different working conditionsGuoxiao Zheng; Wei Chen; Qijia Qian; Anil Kumar; Weifang Sun; Yuqing ZhouVol.5 No.3243-259Free access
Study on high frequency response characteristics of a moving-coil-type linear actuator using the coils combinationsYueyu Wu; Mengdi Liu; Gong Zhang; Zhicheng Hou; Qunxu Lin; Hai YuanVol.5 No.3226-242Free access
Rolling bearing fault diagnosis based on VMD reconstruction and DCS demodulationDong Zhen; Dongkai Li; Guojin Feng; Hao Zhang; Fengshou GuVol.5 No.3205-225Free access
Review on processing stability, weld defects, finite element analysis, and field assisted welding of ultra-high-power laser (≥ 10 kW) weldingLu Wang; Youmin RongVol.5 No.2167-190Free access
Large eddy simulation studies of two-phase flow characteristics in the abrasive flow machining of complex flow ways with a cross-section of cycloidal lobesJunye Li; Tuo Sui; Xiwei Dong; Fengshou Gu; Ningning Su; Jianhe Liu; Chengyu XuVol.5 No.2136-166Free access
Solution of structural mechanic's problems by machine learningHimanshu Gaur; Basim Khidhir; Ram Kishore ManchiryalVol.5 No.122-43Free access