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International Journal of Innovation in Education (IJIIE)

International Journal of Innovation in Education

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
An understanding of factors influencing retention of African-American undergraduate students in computer scienceGiti Javidi; Ehsan SheybaniVol.4 No.166-78Free access
Innovative government initiatives to prevent upper secondary school dropout: organisational learning and institutional change at the local levelAnne Homme; Kristin Lofthus HopeVol.4 No.151-65Free access
An exploratory study of undergraduate students' learning from case study competitions in the United Arab EmiratesHameedah Sayani; Muneeza Shoaib; Vijaya Kumar; Neelofer MashoodVol.4 No.132-50Free access
Bulletproof from delivery to interactivity when teaching with PowerPointDirk Nicolas WagnerVol.4 No.116-31Free access
Transgender in the American academy: a review of social workK. Abel Knochel; Susan Saltzburg; Stephen Rassi; Anthony P. NataleVol.4 No.11-15Free access