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International Journal of Mechanisms and Robotic Systems (IJMRS)

International Journal of Mechanisms and Robotic Systems

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Dimensional synthesis of six-bar Stephenson III mechanism for 12 precision points path generationKhalid Nafees; Aas MohammadVol.3 No.180-90Free access
A restatement of the optimum synthesis of function generators with planar four-bar and slider-crank mechanisms examplesP.A. SimionescuVol.3 No.160-79Free access
A new method for distinct inversions and isomorphism detection in kinematic chainsSyed Shane Haider Rizvi; Ali Hasan; Rasheed Ahmad KhanVol.3 No.148-59Free access
A new approach for obtaining the dynamic balancing conditions in serial mechanismsAndré Garnier Coutinho; Tarcisio Antonio Hess CoelhoVol.3 No.132-47Free access
Static balancing of highly reconfigurable articulated wheeled vehicles for power consumption reduction of actuatorsAliakbar Alamdari; Venkat N. KroviVol.3 No.115-31Free access
Optimal balancing of slider-crank servomechanism: closed-loop optimal position control approachM. Moradi; M. NaraghiVol.3 No.11-14Free access