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International Journal of Sustainable Society (IJSSoc)

International Journal of Sustainable Society

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Mixed migration flows into Europe: discharging state anti-trafficking obligations through the proper identification of trafficking victimsTenia Kyriazi; Daphne DemetriouVol.12 No.176-92Free access
Blood diamonds: an analysis of the state of affairs and the effectiveness of the Kimberley ProcessMeike Schulte; Cody Morris ParisVol.12 No.151-75Free access
Measures to facilitate the scale-up of education for sustainable development in higher educationRory McConnonVol.12 No.136-50Free access
Women's entrepreneurial narrative: making sense of the partner's roleSophia Belghiti-Mahut; Anne-Laurence Lafont; Angélique Rodhain; Florence RodhainVol.12 No.119-35Free access
The nexus of climate change and hotel management in Malaysia: an exploratory studyNik Hazimah Nik Mat; Zaharul Nizal Zabidi; Yusnita Yusof; Hayatul Safrah Salleh; Wan Norhayati Mohamed; Yusliza Mohd YusofVol.12 No.15-18Free access