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International Journal of Sustainable Society (IJSSoc)

International Journal of Sustainable Society

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A time comes when silence becomes betrayal: the Indian expatriate perspective of social marketing Kayanne Framroze; Helen Verhoeven; Paul Hopkinson; Neelofer MashoodVol.9 No.194-117Free access
The role of expats, local residents and tourists in defining a destination: a branding case study for Abu Dhabi tourismNataša Slak ValekVol.9 No.176-93Free access
Self-transcendence: an alternative explanation for voluntourism in developing countriesEddy K. Tukamushaba; Honggen Xiao; Adele LadkinVol.9 No.161-75Free access
Social entrepreneurship in the UAE: challenges and recommendationsDeena Abdo; Cody Morris ParisVol.9 No.141-60Free access
Arab women employment in the UAE: exploring opportunities, motivations and challengesKaren Miller; Tenia Kyriazi; Cody Morris ParisVol.9 No.120-40Free access
Vocational education training and graduate employability in South Africa: an interlinkage in need of explorationJennifer Chishamiso NzonzoVol.9 No.14-19Free access