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International Journal of Human Resources Development and Management (IJHRDM)

International Journal of Human Resources Development and Management

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Relationship between time perspective and job satisfactionBoštjan BajecVol.18 No.1/2145-165Free access
Excellence in public administration: job satisfaction as a factor of good administrationAleksander Aristovnik; Polonca Kovač; Anamarija Leben; Nina TomaževičVol.18 No.1/2127-144Free access
Human resources management in responsible small businesses: why, how and for what?Silvia CanteleVol.18 No.1/2112-126Free access
Women and the glass ceiling in the community of Madrid hotel industryLydia González-Serrano; Teresa Villacé-Molinero; Pilar Talón-Ballestero; Concepción De La Fuente-CabreroVol.18 No.1/291-111Free access
Linking women's glass ceiling beliefs and employee satisfaction: the mediation of engagementSenthil Arasu Balasubramanian; Remya LathabhavanVol.18 No.1/272-90Free access
The mediating role of work engagement between psychosocial safety climate and organisational citizenship behaviours: a study in the nursing and health sector in QuebecSari Mansour; Diane-Gabrielle TremblayVol.18 No.1/251-71Free access
Engagement as an antecedent of the satisfaction-performance relation: a study with line managersPedro Ferreira; Paula RodriguesVol.18 No.1/232-50Free access
Enablers of employee engagement and its subsequent impact on job satisfactionR. Monica; R. KrishnaveniVol.18 No.1/25-31Free access