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International Journal of Arts and Technology (IJART)

International Journal of Arts and Technology

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Enhancing the creative learning experience through harnessing the creative potential of digital and social media platforms in art and design educational contextsSama'a Al HashimiVol.12 No.184-101Free access
Evolving visual artefacts based on consumption patternsCatarina Maçãs; Nuno Lourenço; Penousal MachadoVol.12 No.160-83Free access
Storytelling and remote-sensing playful interventions to foster biodiversity awarenessCatia Prandi; Valentina Nisi; Pedro Loureiro; Nuno J. NunesVol.12 No.139-59Free access
Designing disruption for social touch, in public spaces of merging realities: a multi-sensory modelKaren Lancel; Hermen Maat; Frances BrazierVol.12 No.118-38Free access
Understanding urban gamification - playful meaning-making in real and digital city spacesMattia ThibaultVol.12 No.13-17Free access