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International Journal of Teaching and Case Studies (IJTCS)

International Journal of Teaching and Case Studies

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Bicultural managers leading multicultural teams: a conceptual case studyEric Tetteh Batsa; Sameh Abadir; Michael NeubertVol.11 No.171-93Free access
BuzzFeed publishing the unverified Steele dossier: a brief case studyTatiana HarkiolakisVol.11 No.165-70Free access
Start-up with limited budget: pleasing customers with innovative idea's - a case study of HUMPLPoonam Rani; Veer Pal Kaur MannVol.11 No.153-64Free access
Is there a relationship between environmental knowledge and pro-environmental behaviour? The case of a Greek islandVasiliki Brinia; Vasiliki Thomaidi; Athanasios Androutsos; Paraskevi PsoniVol.11 No.134-52Free access
Leading change for school improvement: a case studyCorinne BrionVol.11 No.124-33Free access
The impact of backstory structure type on case study effectivenessGiulia E. Palma; Bryan L. Mesmer; Kristin Weger; Amy GuerinVol.11 No.11-23Free access