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  • The Impact of Backstory Structure Type on Case Study Effectiveness   Order a copy of this article
    by Giulia Palma, Bryan Mesmer, Kristin Weger, Amy Guerin 
    Abstract: Case studies are a commonly used tool in engineering practice and education to communicate lessons learned. Attributes of case studies have an impact on performance. One attribute of interest, that influences the time required to read a case study, is the storytelling element of backstory structure. In this article a case study is rewritten with three different backstory structure types. A human experiment is conducted to understand which backstory structure type is the most effective in memory retention. Results from the experiment indicate that reading time can be reduced by employing a minimalistic backstory structure type without hindering memory retention. The findings can be applied by engineering practitioners and educators for selecting and developing case studies that may be used in training.
    Keywords: Case study; storytelling; backstory structure; case study design; engineering education.

  • Leading Change for School Improvement: A Case Study   Order a copy of this article
    by Corinne Brion 
    Abstract: This teaching case study is meant to help current and future school leaders become change agents who lead effectively and improve their schools. I discuss one case in a fictitious city and school that is representative of many other American schools. In particular, I examine adaptive challenges that educational leaders commonly face. This case encourages administrators to participate in meaningful conversations with stakeholders to solve complex issues around leading change. The hope is to better understand how school leaders can transform schools, embrace adaptive challenges, and use change as opportunities for growth. I also pose questions designed to make future and current educational leaders think how they would resolve similar issues.
    Keywords: Educational leadership; adaptive challenge; leading change; school improvement; decision-making.

  • Is there a relationship between environmental knowledge and pro-environmental behavior? The case of a Greek Island   Order a copy of this article
    by Vasiliki Brinia, Vasiliki Thomaidi, Athanasios Androutsos, Paraskevi Psoni 
    Abstract: The present study assesses environmental knowledge (EK) and pro-environmental behavior (PEB) levels and investigates whether EK influences eventual PEB. At the same time, the paper examines how the aforementioned variables are influenced by demographics. For this reason, a case-study through quantitative research was conducted, through the use of questionnaires completed by a sample of 253 adults, permanent residents of Lesvos Island in Greece. Findings showed that the level of adults EK was moderate, while the PEB level ranged from moderate to slightly positive. Apart from gender, all examined demographics seemed to influence EK and PEB levels; whereas PEB was found to be, to a limited extent, positively dependent on EK. The survey constitutes a pilot study which can constitute a valuable model-tool at an international level for future researchers as well as for environmental education practitioners who wish to introduce effective environmental training programs at all levels of formal education.
    Keywords: pro-environmental behavior; ecological behavior; environmental knowledge; environmental education; general education; lifelong learning.

  • Startup with Limited Budget: Pleasing Customers with Innovative Ideas A Case Study of HUMPL   Order a copy of this article
    by Poonam Rani, Veerpaul Kaur Mann 
    Abstract: The case explored how the life style brand Happily Unmarried Marketing Private Ltd. (HUMPL) has nurtured the creation of quirky life style product in market place. The organization offers its items through its store and through its' site, Multi brand retailers; and through online commercial centers, for example, Amazon, Snapdeal, Paytm and Flipkart and so forth. They developed as the command dealer in the zone of particular way of life items. The case featured an imaginative business thought when supported by involvement and solid market examination it turns out as a fruitful start-up. The investigation demonstrated how, by concentrating on quality, improving the item range and creating one of a kind plan for a specific fragment of the market, the brand Happily Unmarried Marketing Private Ltd. (HUMPL) accomplished the potential revenue driven stream. A similar actuality pulled in the huge market player like Info Edge, to put resources into the startup in the year 2012 and 2014. Later on Wipro Consumer Care, in the year 2018 discharged funds for this organization. Subsequently the investigation clearly shows, the enterprise is about interpretation of one of a kind thought into a business adventure terms with consistent exertion and experiential learning's.
    Keywords: Entrepreneurship; Seed Finance; Digital Marketing.

  • BuzzFeed Publishing the Unverified Steele Dossier: A Brief Case Study   Order a copy of this article
    by Tatiana Harkiolakis 
    Abstract: The decision by BuzzFeed in 2017 to publish an article linking to a document that subsequently became known as the Steele Dossier sparked widespread debate regarding the publishing of unverified information by professional journalists. In this case study, the ethicality of BuzzFeeds decision is examined, with arguments presented both for and against in the contexts of utilitarian ethics and Kantian ethics, respectively. A personal perspective is offered, supported by the tenets of Aristotelian virtue ethics.
    Keywords: BuzzFeed; Steele Dossier; Media Ethics; Publishing; Journalism.

  • Arnold Schoenbergs Embrace of Atonality: A Brief Case Study for Music Educators   Order a copy of this article
    by Alexi Harkiolakis 
    Abstract: Best known for his invention of the twelve-tone method of composition, and his freer atonal style before that, Arnold Schoenbergs earlier works sound surprisingly tonal, albeit highly chromatic. In this case study, the author examines and analyses the musical, personal, and socio-political factors that may have influenced Schoenberg to abandon his late romantic style in favour of free atonality. The discussion includes an in-depth aesthetic analysis of the fourth movement of the Second String Quartet Op. 10 for string quartet and solo soprano, which is the first piece that featured this new approach by Schoenberg.
    Keywords: Arnold Schoenberg; Atonality; Music; Second String Quartet Op. 10.

  • Bicultural Managers Leading Multicultural Teams: A Conceptual Case Study   Order a copy of this article
    by Eric Tetteh Batsa, Sameh Abadir, Michael Neubert 
    Abstract: Biculturals are recognised as an important segment of managers. However, organisational leaders have a gap in knowledge about this groups distinctive experiences. A conceptual case study design was followed through a literature review approach to present the present state of knowledge focused on current research findings on bicultural managers boundary spanning competencies and multicultural team effectiveness. This study is framed by three key concepts of bicultural competence, boundary spanning, and leadership emergence in multicultural teams. This integrative literature review provides in-depth knowledge for understanding the management experiences of biculturals and the implications of their competencies and skills in leading multicultural teams. Bicultural managers possess an understanding of multiple cultures that can enhance team outcomes and complex team-level competencies associated with better performance. This integrative literature review can be utilised by future researchers as foundational material in studies to extend theoretical foundations and to extend the results of prior related studies.
    Keywords: Bicultural; bicultural manager; managerial competencies; multicultural team; team effectiveness; leadership.