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International Journal of Management Concepts and Philosophy (IJMCP)

International Journal of Management Concepts and Philosophy

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Building metatheory: a demonstration using the critical social marketing discourseRoshni DasVol.13 No.180-97Free access
The history and trajectory of economic value added from a management fashion perspectiveDag Øivind Madsen; Daniel Johanson; Tonny StenheimVol.13 No.151-79Free access
A comparison of the return forecasting power of domestic and international equity investors: evidence from IndiaV. Gopikumar; Smitha Nair; V.K. Anand KrishnanVol.13 No.139-50Free access
Exploring knowledge management in a Lean Six Sigma organisationNur Amalina Muhammad; Jeng Feng ChinVol.13 No.120-38Free access
A review of literature on impact of employer branding in talent managementJ. Krithika; B. Greeshma; P.A. Mary AuxiliaVol.13 No.11-19Free access