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International Journal of Technology, Policy and Management (IJTPM)

International Journal of Technology, Policy and Management

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Determinants of the success of MSMEs in India: a policy vs. technology perspectiveVikas Kumar; Pooja NandaVol.23 No.1102-122Free access
Simulation of research and development collaborations as complex socio-technical systems using a hybrid of agent-based modelling and system dynamicsMohammad Mirkazemi Mood; Ali Mohaghar; Yaser NesariVol.23 No.181-101Free access
Co-evolution of an entrepreneurial ecosystem and technology entrepreneurship in a transforming economyMikhail Nazarov; Nadezhda Butryumova; Sergey Aleksandrovskiy; Dmitry SidorovVol.23 No.142-80Free access
The 'Digitalisation trap' of Russian regionsAlexey S. Molchan; Liudmila M. Osadchuk; Olga A. Anichkina; Sergey V. Ponomarev; Natalia I. KuzmenkoVol.23 No.120-41Free access
The impact of electronic medical record systems on hospital efficiencyC.Christopher Lee; Heechang Shin; Caroline Klimm; Christopher Palmero; Stephanie HughesVol.23 No.11-19Free access