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International Journal of Heavy Vehicle Systems (IJHVS)

International Journal of Heavy Vehicle Systems

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Hardware-in-the-loop simulation of active roll control for single-trailer truck using steerable wheel at the middle axleMuhammad Nadwi Hakimi Adnan; Zulkiffli Abd Kadir; Khisbullah Hudha; Noor Hafizah Amer; Mohd Sabirin Rahmat; Mohamad Hafiz Harun; Vimal Rau AparowVol.30 No.190-118Free access
Study on super-wheelbase preview controller/algorithm for internet of vehicles suspension system used in a heavy vehicle fleetCe Yuan; Jiang Liu; Xilong Zhang; Bilong Liu; Yushun WangVol.30 No.171-89Free access
Robust speed control of induction motor drive for electric traction applicationS. Usha; A. Geetha; T.M. Thamizh Thentral; C.S. BoopathiVol.30 No.150-70Free access
Strength analysis of energy absorbing protective structure for excavatorYong-Jae Park; Kwang-Hee Lee; Chul-Hee LeeVol.30 No.136-49Free access
Stress analysis of an air tube bracket on a heavy-duty commercial vehicle's chassisPaşa Yayla; Burak Ateş; Ozan Berke YabarVol.30 No.117-35Free access
Study and failure analysis of non-drive automotive rear axle of heavy commercial vehicleAakarsh Ranjan; Rajasekhara Reddy Mutra; Yash Kirty; J. Srinivas; Muhamad Norhisham; D. Mallikarjuna ReddyVol.30 No.11-16Free access