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International Journal of Data Analysis Techniques and Strategies (IJDATS)

International Journal of Data Analysis Techniques and Strategies

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Combining planning and learning for context aware service compositionTarik Fissaa; Mahmoud El Hamlaoui; Hatim Guermah; Hatim Hafiddi; Mahmoud NassarVol.13 No.1/2151-169Free access
Road signs recognition: state-of-the-art and perspectivesBtissam Bousarhane; Saloua Bensiali; Driss BouzidiVol.13 No.1/2128-150Free access
Towards knowledge warehousing: application to smart housingHadjer Moulai; Habiba DriasVol.13 No.1/2107-127Free access
Improving social media engagements on paid and non-paid advertisements: a data mining approachJen-Peng Huang; Genesis Sembiring DepariVol.13 No.1/288-106Free access
Evaluating information criteria in latent class analysis: application to identify classes of breast cancer datasetAbdallah Abarda; Mohamed Dakkon; Khawla Asmi; Youssef BentalebVol.13 No.1/272-87Free access
Sentiment classification of review data using sentence significance score optimisationKetan Kumar Todi; S.N. Muralikrishna; B. Ashwath RaoVol.13 No.1/259-71Free access
Semantic integration of traditional and heterogeneous data sources (UML, XML and RDB) in OWL2 triplestoreOussama El Hajjamy; Hajar Khallouki; Larbi Alaoui; Mohamed BahajVol.13 No.1/236-58Free access
Bayesian consensus clustering with LIME for security in big dataS. Balamurugan; M. ThangarajVol.13 No.1/215-35Free access
Efficient data clustering algorithm designed using a heuristic approachPoonam Nandal; Deepa Bura; Meeta SinghVol.13 No.1/23-14Free access