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International Journal of Data Analysis Techniques and Strategies (IJDATS)

International Journal of Data Analysis Techniques and Strategies

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Using free open-source tools for text visualisation over unstructured corpus effectivelyGowri R. Choudhary; Iti SharmaVol.15 No.1/2129-146Free access
Study of Python libraries for NLPAnand Khandare; Nipun Agarwal; Amruta Bodhankar; Ankur Kulkarni; Ishaan ManeVol.15 No.1/2116-128Free access
Prognosis of urban environs using time series analysis for preventing overexploitation using artificial intelligenceS. Shitharth; Hariprasath Manoharan; Lakshmi Narayanan; Takkedu Malathi; S. Vatchala; Kommu Gangadhara RaoVol.15 No.1/297-115Free access
The impact of online trading from a personal and technical perspective on trade stocks in emerging marketsAbdulrhman M. Alshareef; Mohammed KhojahVol.15 No.1/276-96Free access
Improving the accuracy of real field pomegranate fruit diseases detection and visualisation using convolution neural networks and grad-CAMVaishali Nirgude; Sheetal RathiVol.15 No.1/257-75Free access
Effect of noise uncertainty during spectrum sensing for cognitive radio ad hoc networksDebabrata Dansana; Prafulla Kumar BeheraVol.15 No.1/241-56Free access
Analysis of PCS-QoL to investigate the holistic health for sustainable way of living in smart cities of 21st centuryRohit Rastogi; Rohan Tyagi; Tribhuvan Mishra; Vaishnavi Mishra; Utkarsh Pratap ShahiVol.15 No.1/24-40Free access