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International Journal of Information and Operations Management Education (IJIOME)

International Journal of Information and Operations Management Education

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A 'continuous improvement'-based approach for the assessment of student learningGangaraju Vanteddu; Chellappan SomarajanVol.5 No.186-103Free access
'I guess' to 'I get': an effective use of smart technology to transform undergraduate statistics educationBo Han; Victor R. PrybutokVol.5 No.178-85Free access
Linking operational decision making and financial analysis: an experiment in cross-course cooperationJ. Brian Atwater; Alan A. StephensVol.5 No.165-77Free access
Empirical production management enquiry as an expatriate researcherHoracio Soriano-Meier; Ross Thompson; Jose Arturo Garza-ReyesVol.5 No.148-64Free access
Relationship between learning styles and effectiveness of online learning systemsVicky Ching Gu; Jason Triche; Mark A. Thompson; Qing CaoVol.5 No.132-47Free access
Process improvement: a classroom experimentBradley T. Ewing; Maia M. Ghandour; Mark A. ThompsonVol.5 No.124-31Free access
An analysis of human resource information systems courses in accredited schools of businessRobert C. Hoell; Alyssa Oravec; Jacqueline F. Hoell; Sarah M. GreenhalghVol.5 No.17-23Free access
Turning the tables: making surveys relevant in the classroomMichael J. Magro; Victor R. Prybutok; Sherry R. RyanVol.5 No.11-6Free access