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International Journal of Knowledge and Learning (IJKL)

International Journal of Knowledge and Learning

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Ability and frequency of ICTs use in an older adults' sample: implications for developing an active aging educational strategyLara GittoVol.14 No.186-100Free access
The influence of knowledge management processes on FinTech innovation: Lebanon evidenceRand Al-Dmour; Ahmed Al-Dmour; Nifessia Rababeh; Hani Al-DmourVol.14 No.163-85Free access
Career growth and development: the buzzword is continuing educationPreeti Bhaskar; Amit Joshi; Gaurav ChopraVol.14 No.139-62Free access
The impact of behavioural, cognitive and emotional dimensions of student engagement on student learning: the case of Azerbaijani higher education institutionsZafar Hasanov; Panayiotis Antoniou; Elchin Suleymanov; Vener GarayevVol.14 No.110-38Free access
Cooperation and relationship in the triple helix model of innovationDavid López Jiménez; Eduardo Carlos Dittmar; Jenny Patricia Vargas PortilloVol.14 No.11-9Free access