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International Journal of Supply Chain and Operations Resilience (IJSCOR)

International Journal of Supply Chain and Operations Resilience

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Supply chains risks: an interpretative structural modelling approachBupe Getrude Mwanza; Arnesh TelukdarieVol.5 No.2217-234Free access
Matching risk vulnerabilities with capacities for building supply chain resilience – a theoretical framework for low-probability, high-impact risksMing Zhou; Shu Zhou; Tianqin Shi; Taeho ParkVol.5 No.2185-216Free access
Review on supply chain resilience: phenomena, modelling techniques and framework of resilience building strategies with future research directionsSidharath Joshi; Huynh Trung LuongVol.5 No.2150-184Free access
Approaching agricultural supply chain performance and strategic sustainable developmentMercedes Montero-Vega; Jose Ignacio Sánchez-GómezVol.5 No.2128-149Free access
Measuring the severity of a disturbance/disruption in a supply chain: a new quantitative definition, measure, and illustrationsKannan NilakantanVol.5 No.299-127Free access