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International Journal of Work Organisation and Emotion (IJWOE)

International Journal of Work Organisation and Emotion

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Initiatives taken by NGOs and private companies to fight the COVID-19 pandemicS.S.M. Sadrul Huda; Afsana Akhtar; Syeeda Raisa MalihaVol.12 No.186-92Free access
Emotions at work: implications for psychological well-being of prison officers in NigeriaFabian O. Ugwu; Ike E. Onyishi; Emenike N. Anyaegbunam; Lawrence E. UgwuVol.12 No.164-85Free access
Emotional intelligence as indicator of performance at workplace: evidence from banking fraternityRipudaman Kaur; Parampal SinghVol.12 No.148-63Free access
Emotional intelligence and job performance: a meta-analysisJaroslaw Grobelny; Patrycja Radke; Daria Paniotova-MaczkaVol.12 No.11-47Free access