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International Journal of Work Organisation and Emotion (IJWOE)

International Journal of Work Organisation and Emotion

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Human emotion detection based on questionnaire and text analysisRajib Ghosh; Ditipriya SinhaVol.10 No.166-89Free access
Analysis of the relationship of happiness to economic achievement and other factors in US statesL. Murphy Smith; Kenneth Sutrick; Solomon R. AntonyVol.10 No.150-65Free access
The emotion work of nurses in a person-centred care modelGunilla Albinsson; Kerstin ArnessonVol.10 No.128-49Free access
Patient emotional support and healthcare organisational performance and effectivenessMosad Zineldin; Valentina VasichevaVol.10 No.119-27Free access
Emotional labour in non-governmental organisations: narrative analysis and theory expansionSharon Mastracci; Ian AdamsVol.10 No.11-18Free access