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International Journal of Inventory Research (IJIR)

International Journal of Inventory Research

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Inventory model for non-instantaneous deterioration and price-sensitive trended demand with learning effectsNita H. Shah; Monika K. NaikVol.5 No.160-77Free access
Coordinating replenishment and marketing policies for non-instantaneous deteriorating items with imprecise deterioration free time and general deterioration and holding cost ratesAmirhosein Patoghi; Mostafa SetakVol.5 No.138-59Free access
On inventory control with reference prices: a technical noteYigal GerchakVol.5 No.129-37Free access
An optimal policy for an integrated vendor-buyer model with two warehouses under vendor's capacity constraintRupak Bhattacharjee; Bibhas C. Giri; Ayan ChakrabortyVol.5 No.113-28Free access
Inventory model for non-instantaneous deteriorating item with random pre-deterioration periodManisha Pal; Anwesha SamantaVol.5 No.13-12Free access