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International Journal of Technology Transfer and Commercialisation (IJTTC)

International Journal of Technology Transfer and Commercialisation

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Protagonist of public service advertising in changing attitude in a specific territory: empirical study in COVID-19 eraKrishna Pal Singh; Amima Shoeb; Anurag Singh; Mohsen BrahmiVol.19 No.1163-176Free access
Effect of international entrepreneurship indicators on innovative performance: the mediating role of motivationMehdi Tajpour; Elahe Hosseini; Mohsen BrahmiVol.19 No.1142-162Free access
The impact of monetary and non-monetary motivation on employees' performance: a case study of Hyderabad Electric Supply CompanyErum Shaikh; Hemal Azhar; Mohsen Brahmi; Nida ZehraVol.19 No.1127-141Free access
Management the new innovation source of energy biogas: a project spider case studyLuca EspositoVol.19 No.1117-126Free access
Servant leadership and ambidexterity: the mediating role of talent management in pharmaceutical companies at EgyptMohamed Elsotouhy; Tamer Ashry; Nada Khalifa; Hamida Al-NajjarVol.19 No.197-116Free access
Ownership structure management and its effect on dividend policy in the Tunisian stock exchange enterprises: an empirical studyIbtissem Missaoui; Mohsen Brahmi; Jaleleddine Ben RajebVol.19 No.183-96Free access
Assessing student experience of online learning during COVID-19 crisis and identifying the factors for effective online learning environment.Meenakshi SharmaVol.19 No.169-82Free access
The role of policy for a more sustainable path: economic effects of sustainability indicatorsFabrizia ManzoVol.19 No.145-68Free access
Pooled ordinary least-square, fixed effects and random effects modelling in a panel data regression analysis: a consideration of international commodity price and economic growth indicators in 35 Sub-Saharan African countriesEbrima K. Ceesay; Yahaya M. MoussaVol.19 No.123-44Free access
Effectuation: exploring a moderating role between leadership and management innovationRana El-Jisr; Bassem E. Maamari; Mohsen Brahmi; Cynthia JabbourVol.19 No.16-22Free access