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International Journal of Mining and Mineral Engineering (IJMME)

International Journal of Mining and Mineral Engineering

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Identification of geochemical anomalies by the use of concentration-area (C-A) fractal model in Nakhilab region, SE IranAli Akbar Daya; Mohammad Boomeri; Nafiseh MazraeeVol.8 No.170-81Free access
Analysing equipment allocation through queuing theory and Monte-Carlo simulations in surface mining operationsDilip Sembakutti; Mustafa Kumral; Agus Pulung SasmitoVol.8 No.156-69Free access
A numerical modelling study of longwall face stability in mining thick coal seams in ChinaGaofeng Song; Yoginder P. Chugh; Jiachen WangVol.8 No.135-55Free access
The 'golden ten years': underground coal mining and its impacts on land use and subsequent social problems: a case study on the Jining city region, ChinaWu Xiao; Zheng Wang; Ruiya Zhang; Sucui LiVol.8 No.119-34Free access
Heuristic stope layout optimisation accounting for variable stope dimensions and dilution managementMartha E. Villalba Matamoros; Mustafa KumralVol.8 No.11-18Free access