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International Journal of Mining and Mineral Engineering (IJMME)

International Journal of Mining and Mineral Engineering

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Ferronickel slag produced in New Caledonia: characterisation and carbonation in seawaterJordan Prévot; Arnaud Serres; Peggy Gunkel-Grillon; René Sabot; Marc JeanninVol.13 No.176-91Free access
Measurement of the phosphorite ore pulp density based on the image recognition methodXianhai Li; Han Li; Jiying Zhang; Fan Zhou; Aoao ChenVol.13 No.164-75Free access
An attempt towards the safe utilisation of dangerous sediments deriving from mine water: a case study from the Polish part of the Upper Silesian BasinBogusław Michalik; Hubert Makuła; Zbigniew BzowskiVol.13 No.149-63Free access
Economic evaluation of materials handling systems in a deep open pit mineKesegofetse Bumo-Motswaiso; Raymond S. SugloVol.13 No.137-48Free access
How do operators and environment conditions influence the productivity of a large mining excavator?S.P. Bettens; P.M. Siegrist; P.R. McAreeVol.13 No.118-36Free access
Development of integrated roof monitoring system and continuous miner working index for improving mine safetyBanda Srikanth; Hemant Kumar; Srinivasulu TadisettyVol.13 No.11-17Free access