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International Journal of Nanoparticles (IJNP)

International Journal of Nanoparticles

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Implementation of quadruple valued flip-flops using CMOS and spatial light modulator-based Savart plateAnimesh Bhattacharya; Amal K. Ghosh; Goutam K. MaityVol.10 No.1/2141-164Free access
Millimetre-wave and terahertz IMPATT sources: influence of inter-carrier interactionsPrasit Kumar Bandyopadhya; Arindam Biswas; A.K. Bhattacharjee; Aritra AcharyyaVol.10 No.1/2124-140Free access
Analysis of power consumption and delay of an inverter circuit using TMJLSRG MOSFET for the design of digital integrated circuitSurajit Bari; Debashis DeVol.10 No.1/2117-123Free access
Staggered heterojunctions-based tunnel-FET for application as a label-free biosensorAvik Chakraborty; Debasis Singha; A. SarkarVol.10 No.1/2107-116Free access
An approach to various carriers' transmission properties and significant parameters in special semiconductor arrangement 'superlattice'Sachin Kumar; Soumya KumariVol.10 No.1/292-106Free access
Study on surface plasmon-based improvement in absorption in plasmonic solar cellPartha Sarkar; S. Panda; B. Maji; A. Kr. MukhopadhyayVol.10 No.1/277-91Free access
Effects of hot-carrier degradation on the low frequency noise in strained-Si p-MOSFETsSanghamitra Das; T.P. Dash; Chinmay K. MaitiVol.10 No.1/258-76Free access
Adsorption of gaseous air pollutants over Ti-doped ZGNR structures: a DFT studyRitwik Vatsyayan; Rajan Singh; Roy PailyVol.10 No.1/235-57Free access
Variation of optical bandwidth in defected ternary photonic crystal under different polarisation conditionsArpan Deyasi; A. SarkarVol.10 No.1/227-34Free access
An insight into the high frequency analysis of work function modulated cylindrical surrounding gate MOSFETBiswajit Jena; Sidhartha Dash; Guru Prasad MishraVol.10 No.1/215-26Free access
GaAs SOI FinFET: impact of gate dielectric on electrical parameters and application as digital inverterRajesh Saha; Brinda Bhowmick; Srimanta BaishyaVol.10 No.1/23-14Free access