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International Journal of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles (IJEHV)

International Journal of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A novel two degree-of-freedom dynamic model of a full hybrid vehicleXiaolin Tang; Wei Yang; Dejiu Zhang; Haisheng YuVol.9 No.167-77Free access
The electric vehicle: a reviewNing Ding; K. Prasad; T.T. LieVol.9 No.149-66Free access
Powertrain analysis and dynamic performance simulation of ultra-high-speed electric vehicleKai ZhouVol.9 No.133-48Free access
Design and preliminary performance evaluation of a four wheeled vehicle with degraded adhesion conditionsLuca Pugi; Francesco Grasso; Marco Pratesi; Marco Cipriani; Argeo BartolomeiVol.9 No.11-32Free access


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