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International Journal of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles (IJEHV)

International Journal of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
PMSM control for electric vehicle based on fuzzy PIQiping Chen; Sheng Kang; Liping Zeng; Qiang Xiao; Conghui Zhou; Mingming WuVol.12 No.175-85Free access
Dynamic modelling and parametric optimisation of vibro-acoustic responses for power-split hybrid transmissionHan Guo; Jianwu Zhang; Haisheng YuVol.12 No.159-74Free access
Augmentation of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles growth in IndiaRajeev Goswami; Gireesh Chandra TripathiVol.12 No.144-58Free access
A novel diagnostic technique to detect the failure mode operating states of an air-breathing fuel cell used in fuel cell vehiclesAttuluri Rakada Vijay Babu; Panthalingal Manoj Kumar; Gorantla Srinivasa RaoVol.12 No.132-43Free access
Analysis and optimisation of electromagnetic interference in motor drive systemXiaoshan Wu; Xiaohui Shi; Xu Li; Jianmei LeiVol.12 No.115-31Free access
Tracked vehicle physics-based energy modelling and series hybrid system optimisation for the Bradley fighting vehicleTravis E. McWhirter; Torrey J. Wagner; John E. Stubbs; Denise M. Rizzo; Jada B. WilliamsVol.12 No.11-14Free access