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International Journal of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles (IJEHV)

International Journal of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Transient power smoothing control strategy for battery of pure electric bus Meilan Zhou; Weijie Liu; Yu Zhang; Jun FuVol.14 No.1/2150-169Free access
Research on energy management of hybrid power system in fuel cell vehiclesMeilan Zhou; Weijie Liu; Yu Zhang; Jiaming WangVol.14 No.1/2134-149Free access
Position sensorless control system of SPMSM based on high frequency signal injection method with passive controller Yu Zhang; Jiahong Liu; Meilan Zhou; Hanying GaoVol.14 No.1/2112-133Free access
Electric vehicle charging method and impact of charging and discharging on distribution system: a reviewLokendra Kumar; RaviVol.14 No.1/287-111Free access
Research on two-stage isolated on-board charger and control technology Kai Zhou; Hanfeng Wang; Dongyang SunVol.14 No.1/265-86Free access
An overview on hybrid energy storage systems for electric vehiclesC.M. Rahul Charles; J.S. SavierVol.14 No.1/256-64Free access
Research of electric vehicle on-board controller based on inverter time division multiplexingKai Zhou; Yang Liu; Ningzhi Jin; Dongyang SunVol.14 No.1/230-55Free access
Design of battery management system based on improved ampere-hour integration methodMingyue Zhang; Xiaobin FanVol.14 No.1/21-29Free access