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International Journal of Tourism Anthropology (IJTA)

International Journal of Tourism Anthropology

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
The effects of COVID-19 in the tourist society: an anthropological insight of the trivialisation of death and lifeRaoni Borges Barbosa; Jean Henrique Costa; Bintang Handayani; Maximiliano E. KorstanjeVol.8 No.2179-192Free access
Spiritual pilgrimages and UFO tourism in Uruguay: the case of La Aurora's cattle ranchMartín GamboaVol.8 No.2162-178Free access
A semiotics view through objectification of females in tourism related advertisementsVahit Oguz Kiper; Şevki UlemaVol.8 No.2148-161Free access
Maids and housekeepers at luxury hotels: life stories in hotels of Buenos Aires, ArgentinaJuana Alejandrina Norrild; Maximiliano E. KorstanjeVol.8 No.2129-147Free access
Tourism travel patterns and Mexican millennial women: a comparative study of their conditions and meaningsRosa Adriana Vázquez Gómez; Maribel Osorio García; Denice Anel Ordaz MejíaVol.8 No.2107-128Free access