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International Journal of Services Operations and Informatics (IJSOI)

International Journal of Services Operations and Informatics

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Social media analytics: a tool for the success of online retail industryOgunmola Gabriel Ayodeji; Vikas KumarVol.10 No.179-95Free access
Review paper on neighbour discovery protocol in IPv6 link-local networkEmir Mahmood; Ayad Hasan Adhab; Ahmed K. Al-AniVol.10 No.165-78Free access
Quantifying value co-creation: examining the relationship between realised value facets and customer experience in a B2B contextMuhammad Zeeshan; Yasir Rashid; Umer Ayub; Ansar WaseemVol.10 No.143-64Free access
Construction of an instrument to evaluate the user eXperience of a group of co-creators in the upstream innovation processAdrien Lecossier; Marc Pallot; Pascal Crubleau; Simon RichirVol.10 No.117-42Free access
The sovereign debt crisis and national centripetal vs. regional centrifugal forces in political economy: empirical lessons from SpainJoaquin Gonzalez-Garcia; Joaquin Sotelo-Gonzalez; Pablo Zegarra-SaldañaVol.10 No.11-16Free access