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International Journal of Sustainable Aviation (IJSA)

International Journal of Sustainable Aviation

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
The role of integration in achieving sustainable benefits from airline alliancesGamze Orhan; Deniz TasciVol.5 No.170-86Free access
Cultural and political attitudes towards paying to support airport sustainability projectsMattie N. Milner; Dylan Z. Bush; Emily C. Anania; Taro Ito; Daniel A. Marte; Stephen Rice; Scott R. WinterVol.5 No.154-69Free access
Effect of different weightage of Enova® IC3100 silica aerogel on aluminium alloy composites in ISO2685 aviation standard fire-testAbd. Rahim Abu Talib; Ibrahim Mohammed; Wahiduddeen Rujhan; Nadiir Ibrahim BheekhunVol.5 No.143-53Free access
A simplistic flight model for exergy embodiment of composite materials towards nearly-zero exergy aviationBirol Kılkış; Şan Kılkış; Şiir KılkıVol.5 No.119-42Free access
Robust planning the landing process of unmanned aerial vehiclesNguyen Dinh Dung; Jozsef RohacsVol.5 No.11-18Free access