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International Journal of Sustainable Aviation (IJSA)

International Journal of Sustainable Aviation

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Analysis of the pilots' decisions to eject in F-16 fighter aircraft accidents in TurkeyNazim Ata; Ebru YazganVol.8 No.191-100Free access
The fuel consumption impact of the turning point location for the point merge systemRamazan Kursat CecenVol.8 No.175-90Free access
Assessment of influence of anti-icing fluids based on ethylene and propylene glycol on environment and airport infrastructureAnna Yakovlieva; Sergii Boichenko; Iryna Shkilniuk; Anatolii Bakhtyn; Utku Kale; András NagyVol.8 No.154-74Free access
Development of a preliminary design tool for rotary wing aircraftsTomás Figueiredo Ventura Pimentel Fontes; Filipe Szolnoky Ramos Pinto CunhaVol.8 No.115-53Free access
Comparative study of piston vs. electric single-seat tandem helicopterJelena Svorcan; Aleksandar Kovačević; Lazar Popović; Aleksandar SimonovićVol.8 No.11-14Free access