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International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing (IJEV)

International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
What predicts effectuation preferences? Disentangling individual and environmental factors and illuminating decision criteriaSylvia Hubner-Benz; Matthias BaumVol.15 No.191-118Free access
When entrepreneurship meets finance and accounting: (non-)financial information exchange between venture capital investors, business angels, incubators, accelerators, and start-upsClara Bratfisch; Frederik J. Riar; Peter M. BicanVol.15 No.163-90Free access
Factors affecting micro and small business distress in AustriaMario SitumVol.15 No.119-62Free access
Entrepreneurial fear of failure and psychological well-being: a moderation analysis of resilienceSyed Asif Mehdi; Lata Bajpai SinghVol.15 No.11-18Free access