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International Journal of Information Technology and Management (IJITM)

International Journal of Information Technology and Management

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Integration technology of logistics information resources in electric power enterprises based on web servicesZijian Zhang; Yu Liang; Yu Cui; Junyu LiuVol.21 No.2/3327-341Free access
Information supervisory model for financial risk prevention and control based on twin-SVMQiong KangVol.21 No.2/3311-326Free access
Feature extraction modelling of enterprise innovation behaviour data based on morphological gradientShibiao MuVol.21 No.2/3294-310Free access
Trajectory information acquisition method for library borrowing behaviour based on RFID technologyHuan Zhou; Enjun DingVol.21 No.2/3280-293Free access
Research on digital management method of market information based on fusion informationJing Li; Ming YanVol.21 No.2/3264-279Free access
Early warning method for enterprise financial informatisation caused by tax differenceGuojian Lin; Weichuan ChenVol.21 No.2/3248-263Free access
Research on visualisation transmission method for business innovation strategy data based on structural characteristicsJing HuVol.21 No.2/3233-247Free access
Research on real-time acquisition method of logistics location information of electric commerce based on ranking thresholdMei MeiVol.21 No.2/3215-232Free access
Establishment of business risk information value assessment model based on RAROCNuan WangVol.21 No.2/3200-214Free access
Mobile payment risk prediction of communication operators under new business modelXiao-ying ShiVol.21 No.2/3185-199Free access
Research on efficiency evaluation of financial refinement management based on DEALv Wenwen; Zarina Abdul SalamVol.21 No.2/3169-184Free access
Research on integrated management of sales and inventory information in circulation enterprises based on case-based learningRuirong Jing; Huilin Wang; Guohui GaoVol.21 No.2/3153-168Free access
Optimisation decision model of enterprise financial risk management combining stochastic demandDandan Zhao; Lin LiVol.21 No.2/3139-152Free access