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International Journal of Information Technology and Management (IJITM)

International Journal of Information Technology and Management

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
The investigation of relationships: self-esteem, self-confidence, and conduct problems in counsellingMila ParkVol.17 No.1/2140-154Free access
Automatic classification of Lithuanian parliament billsAušra Mackutė-Varoneckienė; Ka Lok Man; Tomas KrilavičiusVol.17 No.1/2129-139Free access
Game operation query language for facilitating game server's FCAPS operationHwan-Soo Yoo; Seong-Whan KimVol.17 No.1/2113-128Free access
Estimating the sentiment strength of a word using word similarityKangbok Lee; Jongbum Baik; Soowon LeeVol.17 No.1/292-112Free access
A tree cognitive navigation system based on two-dimensional code and GPSWenjie Hu; Chunling Wang; Qiaochu Mo; Bo WangVol.17 No.1/280-91Free access
A framework for context-aware application programming on smart phoneBaek Gyoon SungVol.17 No.1/271-79Free access
Analysis of serious games for preventing internet gaming addictionJi Yun Kim; Jae Hwan BaeVol.17 No.1/262-70Free access
User interface using bounce for realistic movement on smart TVDaehyun Ryu; Kyoungju ParkVol.17 No.1/251-61Free access
Shadow detection using chromaticity and entropy in colour imageKi-Hong Park; Jae-Ho Kim; Yoon-Ho KimVol.17 No.1/244-50Free access
An introduction to face-recognition methods and its implementation in software applicationsByoung-Moo Kwon; Kang-Hee LeeVol.17 No.1/233-43Free access
Texture analysis based feature extraction using Gabor filter and SVD for reliable fault diagnosis of an induction motorRashedul Islam; Jia Uddin; Jong-Myon KimVol.17 No.1/220-32Free access
Immersive element analysis of the multiplayer online battle arena game genreGilsang Yoo; Jaebum Jung; Jaechun Ryu; Jeahong Kim; Kichun NamVol.17 No.1/24-19Free access