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International Journal of Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications (IJISTA)

International Journal of Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Support vector machine based fault detection and diagnosis for HVAC systemsJiaming Li; Ying Guo; Josh Wall; Sam WestVol.18 No.1/2204-222Free access
Facial beauty analysis by age and genderManal El Rhazi; Arsalane Zarghili; Aicha Majda; Anissa Bouzalmat; Ayat Allah OufkirVol.18 No.1/2179-203Free access
Combining RSS-SVM with genetic algorithm for Arabic opinions analysisAmel Ziani; Nabiha Azizi; Djamel Zenakhra; Soraya Cheriguene; Monther AldwairiVol.18 No.1/2152-178Free access
Effect of magnetising core on impedance and induced EMF of two coils wound on single iron coreV. Narsi Reddy; S. Krishnarjuna Rao; S. Nagendra KumarVol.18 No.1/2142-151Free access
Survey on techniques of fault detection-rookies vantage pointM. Vijaya Bharathi; Sireesha RoddaVol.18 No.1/2133-141Free access
An intelligent inventive system for personalised webpage recommendation based on ontology semanticsGerard Deepak; Ansaf Ahmed; B. SkandaVol.18 No.1/2115-132Free access
Intelligent systems for redundancy removal with proficient run-length coding and statistical analysis using regressionV.R. Prakash; S. NagarajanVol.18 No.1/2101-114Free access
A hybrid test prioritisation technique for combinatorial testingPreeti Satish; Krishnan RangarajanVol.18 No.1/284-100Free access
Factors influencing regression testing on cloud and on-premises: an analysisM.S. Narasimha Murthy; V. SumaVol.18 No.1/269-83Free access
Lagrangian relaxation for distribution networks with cross-docking centreManpreet Singh Bhangu; Rimmi Anand; Vijay KumarVol.18 No.1/252-68Free access
Context aware reliable sensor selection in IoTK.R. Remesh Babu; M. Vishnu Prathap; Philip SamuelVol.18 No.1/234-51Free access
Efficient multimedia content storage and allocation in multidimensional cloud computing resourcesE. Sivaraman; R. ManickachezianVol.18 No.1/220-33Free access
Mixed integer programming for vehicle routing problem with time windowsDivya Aggarwal; Vijay KumarVol.18 No.1/24-19Free access