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International Journal of Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications (IJISTA)

International Journal of Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Ordered weighted averaging operator used to enhance the accuracy of fuzzy predictor based on genetic algorithmRohit Garg; Md. Tabrez Nafis; Bindu GargVol.17 No.1/2229-253Free access
Visual substitution system for room labels identification based on text detection and recognitionHanen Jabnoun; Faouzi Benzarti; Frédéric Morain-Nicolier; Hamid AmiriVol.17 No.1/2210-228Free access
A new method for the optical flow estimation and segmentation of moving objects 'NMES'Amina Ourchani; Zine-Eddine Baarir; Abdelmalik Taleb-AhmedVol.17 No.1/2195-209Free access
Area efficient SDR receiver without and with dynamic partial reconfigurationT. Thammi Reddy; B.K. Madhavi; K. Lal KishoreVol.17 No.1/2176-194Free access
A comprehensive solution for risk management in software development projectsRaghavi K. Bhujang; V. SumaVol.17 No.1/2153-175Free access
Reactive frequency band-based real-time motor imagery classificationSumanta Bhattacharyya; Manoj Kumar MukulVol.17 No.1/2136-152Free access
GA tuned two degree of freedom PID controller for time delay systemsP. Febina Beevi; T.K. Sunil Kumar; Jeevamma JacobVol.17 No.1/2123-135Free access
Improvement of power quality in microgrids using predictive controllerPrajith Prabhakar; H. VennilaVol.17 No.1/2109-122Free access
Empirical study of feature selection methods over classification algorithmsN. Bhalaji; K.B. Sundhara Kumar; Chithra SelvarajVol.17 No.1/298-108Free access
Grammar rule-based sentiment categorisation model for classification of Tamil tweetsNadana Ravishankar; R. ShriramVol.17 No.1/289-97Free access
Simultaneous scheduling of jobs, machines and tools considering tool transfer times in multi-machine FMS using new nature-inspired algorithmsN. Sivarami Reddy; D.V. Ramamurthy; K. Prahlada RaoVol.17 No.1/270-88Free access
Multi spectral image classification using cluster ensemble techniqueK. Radhika; S. Varadarajan; Y. MuralimohanbabuVol.17 No.1/255-69Free access
Enhanced portable text to speech converter for visually impairedChithra Selvaraj; N. BhalajiVol.17 No.1/242-54Free access
Wind energy potential estimation with prediction of wind speed distributionManish Kumar; Cherian SamuelVol.17 No.1/219-41Free access
Machine learning techniques using python for data analysis in performance evaluationJ.V.N. LakshmiVol.17 No.1/23-18Free access