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International Journal of Internet Protocol Technology (IJIPT)

International Journal of Internet Protocol Technology

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Model analysis of traffic emergency dispatching in intelligent transportation system under cloud computingMinglei Song; Zhixiang HouVol.13 No.146-54Free access
Optimal channel selection in parallel scheduling of heterogeneous network based on competitive channel non-cooperative game modelYuan Cheng; Yucai ZhouVol.13 No.139-45Free access
An equalisation control method for network big data transmission based on parallel computingJiazhong Lu; Xiaosong Zhang; Xiaolei Liu; Teng Hu; Yu CaoVol.13 No.132-38Free access
Hybrid encryption model for managing the data security in medical internet of thingsP. Jyotheeswari; N. JeyanthiVol.13 No.125-31Free access
A low cost paging scheme for clustered PMIPv6 protocol by head-MAG entity utilisationAdnan J. JabirVol.13 No.118-24Free access
Reconstruction and application of flooding routing algorithm for smart street light over wireless sensor networksZhichao Wang; Liang Tang; Jun Steed Huang; Hongwei Shi; Li BianVol.13 No.19-17Free access
Video encryption scheme using hybrid encryption technologyQingqing Han; Liejun Wang; Yongming Lee; Jiwei QinVol.13 No.11-8Free access