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International Journal of Internet Protocol Technology (IJIPT)

International Journal of Internet Protocol Technology

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Scenario-based trustworthiness verification for systems of internet of thingsJunhua Zhang; Yi ZhuVol.11 No.151-62Free access
Security access control policy of information system under multi-domain modeJun Dong; Qiang ZhaoVol.11 No.144-50Free access
Research and realisation of similar information high precision purification and mining technologyRuiling ZhouVol.11 No.138-43Free access
Research on mobile internet big data detecting method for the redundant dataGuang-hua YuVol.11 No.129-37Free access
An improved routing algorithm in communication network based on cloud computing technologyShuaiqiu Xiang; Dongsheng Cheng; Zhenjia ZhuVol.11 No.119-28Free access
Wireless sensor network node deployment based on multi-objective immune algorithmShanshan LiVol.11 No.112-18Free access
Broadcasting algorithm based on successful broadcasting ratio and energy balance of nodes in mobile ad hoc networksYanping Yu; Long Li; Keyan Liu; Yichen Deng; Xue SuVol.11 No.11-11Free access