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International Journal of Cloud Computing (IJCC)

International Journal of Cloud Computing

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
De-centralised dynamic task scheduling using hill climbing algorithm in cloud computing environments Mona Mohammadi; Amir Masoud RahmaniVol.6 No.179-94Free access
Transaction management with tree-based consistency in cloud databasesMd. Ashfakul Islam; Susan V. VrbskyVol.6 No.158-78Free access
Cloud computing review: concepts, technology, challenges and securityMahantesh N. Birje; Praveen S. Challagidad; R.H. Goudar; Manisha T. TapaleVol.6 No.132-57Free access
Access control mechanisms for outsourced data in public cloud using polynomial interpolation and multilinear mapB.R. Purushothama; B.B. AmberkerVol.6 No.11-31Free access


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