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International Journal of Cloud Computing (IJCC)

International Journal of Cloud Computing

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Big data in healthcare made simple to save people's livesR. Vijay Anand; Iyapparaja Meenakshisundaram; R. Jothikumar; P. Krishna ChaitanyaVol.11 No.1112-122Free access
A microcontroller-based system for patient and elderly community assistanceAsmita Chotani; Rakshit Jain; K. Naresh; K. Anitha; Ranjan GoyalVol.11 No.1101-111Free access
A study on automated toll collection: towards the utilisation of RFID-based systemNaresh Kannan; Ranjan Goyal; Dhruv Goel; K. AnithaVol.11 No.189-100Free access
An optimal selection of virtual machine for e-healthcare services in cloud data centresR. Prathap; R. MohanasundaramVol.11 No.179-88Free access
A comparative study on various pre-processing techniques and deep learning algorithms for text classificationP. Bhuvaneshwari; A. Nagaraja RaoVol.11 No.161-78Free access
Analysis of breast cancer prediction and visualisation using machine learning modelsG. Magesh; P. SwarnalathaVol.11 No.143-60Free access
Implementation of data mining to enhance the performance of cloud computing environmentAnnaluri Sreenivasa Rao; Attili Venkat Ramana; Somula RamasubbareddyVol.11 No.127-42Free access
A novel filter for removing image noise and improving the quality of imageA. Prathik; J. Anuradha; K. UmaVol.11 No.114-26Free access
Tangles in IOTA to make crypto currency transactions free and secureA.S. Anakath; R. Kannadasan; N. Prabakaran; M.S. Saleem BashaVol.11 No.11-13Free access