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International Journal of Cloud Computing (IJCC)

International Journal of Cloud Computing

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
The edge architecture for semi-autonomous industrial robotic inspection systemsRoberto Silva Filho; Bo Yu; Ching-Ling Huang; Raju Venkataramana; Ashraf El-Messidi; Dustin Sharber; John Westerheide; Nasr AlkadiVol.9 No.195-128Free access
SMIoT: a software architecture for maintainable internet-of-things applicationsIlse Bohé; Michiel Willocx; Vincent NaessensVol.9 No.175-94Free access
In-network processing for edge computing with InLocusLucas R.B. Brasilino; Naveen Marri; Alexander Shroyer; Catherine Pilachowski; Ezra Kissel; Martin SwanyVol.9 No.155-74Free access
Edge-centric resource allocation for heterogeneous IoT applications using a CoAP-based brokerSimone Bolettieri; Raffaele BrunoVol.9 No.128-54Free access
Docker-pi: Docker container deployment in fog computing infrastructuresArif Ahmed; Guillaume PierreVol.9 No.16-27Free access