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International Journal of Swarm Intelligence (IJSI)

International Journal of Swarm Intelligence

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Transmission network expansion planning using state-of-art nature inspired algorithms: a surveyAshish Khandelwal; Annapurna Bhargava; Ajay Sharma; Harish SharmaVol.4 No.173-92Free access
Comparison of cuckoo search and particle swarm optimisation in triclustering temporal gene expression dataP. Swathypriyadharsini; K. PremalathaVol.4 No.155-72Free access
An improved particle swarm optimisation-based functional link artificial neural network model for software cost estimationZahid Hussain Wani; S.M.K. QuadriVol.4 No.138-54Free access
ABC-PLOSS: a software tool for path-loss minimisation in GSM telecom networks using artificial bee colony algorithmVincent Ike E. Anireh; Emmanuel Ndidi OsegiVol.4 No.120-37Free access
Concurrent parametric optimisation of single pass end milling through GRA coupled with PSO for Calmax-635 die steelBikash Bepari; Ankit AtiVol.4 No.11-19Free access