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International Journal of Swarm Intelligence (IJSI)

International Journal of Swarm Intelligence

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Optimising fracture in automotive tail cap by firefly algorithmG.M. Kakandikar; Omkar Kulkarni; Sujata Patekar; Trupti BhoskarVol.5 No.1136-150Free access
Multi objective ant colony algorithm for electrical wire routingW.P.J. Pemarathne; T.G.I. FernandoVol.5 No.197-135Free access
A self-tuning algorithm to approximate roots of systems of nonlinear equations based on the firefly algorithmM.K.A. Ariyaratne; T.G.I. Fernando; Sunethra WeerakoonVol.5 No.160-96Free access
Accelerated grey wolf optimiser for continuous optimisation problemsShubham Gupta; Kusum Deep; Seyedali MirjaliliVol.5 No.122-59Free access
Improving the cooperation of fuzzy simplified memory A* search and particle swarm optimisation for path planningMehdi Neshat; Ali Akbar Pourahmad; Zahra RohaniVol.5 No.11-21Free access