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International Journal of Society Systems Science (IJSSS)

International Journal of Society Systems Science

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Crisis management and COVID-19: the case of budget hotels in Muang Chiangmai DistrictJanak Nandan Pandey; Jirayu Phasook; Suttisak Sawangsak; Chonticha RodhirunVol.13 No.171-87Free access
Investment strategy development: does public service serve the investor well?Eny Lestary Widarni; Nasikh; Silvi Asna PrestianawatiVol.13 No.159-70Free access
The effect of consumer proximity and media exposure on corporate social responsibility disclosureHans Hananto Andreas; Ming Lei ChangVol.13 No.146-58Free access
The impact of technology on human behaviour and business environmentPremsankar ManickavasagamVol.13 No.134-45Free access
Contextual divide, methodological variations and theoretical usage of voluntary employee green behaviour research: a reviewH.P.R. Priyankara; N.P.G.S.I. NaotunnaVol.13 No.116-33Free access
Understanding window dressing practices among Indonesian construction companies: an effort to minimise investment risksGatot Iwan KurniawanVol.13 No.13-15Free access