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International Journal of Nano and Biomaterials (IJNBM)

International Journal of Nano and Biomaterials

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Effect of annealing on the physical properties of WO3 thin filmsM. Bujji Babu; D. Divya Dixit; K.V. MadhuriVol.7 No.156-69Free access
Synthesis and characterisation of lanthanum complex bis (5-choloro-8hydroxy quinoline) (2-2'bipyridine) lanthanum La(Bpy)(5-Clq)2Rahul Kumar; Ankur Soam; Parag BhargavaVol.7 No.148-55Free access
Thin film of Yttria stabilised zirconia on NiO using vacuum cold spraying process for solid oxide fuel cellDebabrata Pradhan; Lala Behari SuklaVol.7 No.138-47Free access
Modifications of optical properties in doped germanene nanosheetNamrata Dhar; Debnarayan JanaVol.7 No.129-37Free access
Analytical modelling of sensing performance of carbon nanotubes for gas sensingGeoffrey Ijeomah; Fahmi Samsuri; Mohamad Adzhar Md ZawawiVol.7 No.114-28Free access
Silver nanoparticles from methanolic stem extract of Gymnema sylvestre and its characterisation studiesR. Sathyaa; V. Subha; R.S. Ernest Ravindran; S. RenganathanVol.7 No.11-13Free access