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International Journal of Global Environmental Issues (IJGEnvI)

International Journal of Global Environmental Issues

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
How do local communities valuate forest conservation through participatory management? A case of Amhara Region, EthiopiaYibeltal Walle; Diptimayee NayakVol.20 No.180-99Free access
Development of public participation framework for environmental impact assessmentMaisarah Makmor; Hafez Salleh; Nikmatul Adha NordinVol.20 No.160-79Free access
Social sustainability of conventional and organic rice farming in north-eastern ThailandChirawan Phantha; Jittima Prasara-A; Pornpimon Boonkum; Shabbir H. GheewalaVol.20 No.142-59Free access
Public knowledge of seawater desalination and its impacts on the environment in Gaza strip, PalestineSaleh Aldaghma; José Luis Sánchez LizasoVol.20 No.118-41Free access
Influence of the type of photocatalyst on photocatalytic oxidation of triclosan in the aquatic environmentPiotr Zawadzki; Edyta Kudlek; Mariusz DudziakVol.20 No.11-17Free access