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International Journal of Agile Systems and Management (IJASM)

International Journal of Agile Systems and Management

The following articles showcase the range and quality of the content in the International Journal of Agile Systems and Management (IJASM)

Title Author(s) Vol. & Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Critical factors in information technology capability for enhancing firm's environmental performance: case of Indonesian ICT sectorDarius Antoni; Ferry Jie; Ahmad AbareshiVol.13 No.2159 - 181free access
Analysis of agile supply chain enablers for an Indian manufacturing organisationBharat Singh Patel; Atul Kumar Tiwari; Manish Kumar; Cherian Samuel; Goutam SutarVol.13 No.11 - 27free access
A framework to promote social sustainability in industry 4.0Alessandra Papetti; Monica Pandolfi; Margherita Peruzzini; Michele GermaniVol.13 No.3233 - 257free access
Firm's supply chain agility enabling resilience and performance in turmoil timesMarcelo Bronzo Ladeira; Marcos Paulo Valadares De Oliveira; Paulo Renato De Sousa; Marcelo Werneck BarbosaVol.14 No.2224 - 253free access
Performance metrics in scrum software engineering companiesFernando Almeida; Pedro CarneiroVol.14 No.2205 - 223free access