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International Journal of Image Mining (IJIM)

International Journal of Image Mining

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Content-based image retrieval using SVD-based Eigen imagesNaushad Varish; Arup Kumar PalVol.2 No.168-83Free access
A framework for automatic intrude object identification in paediatric foreign body aspired radiography imagesM. Vasumathy; Mythili Thirugnanam; S. SumathyVol.2 No.157-67Free access
Quadtree partitioning and extended weighted finite automata-based fractal colour video codingShailesh D. Kamble; Nileshsingh V. Thakur; Latesh G. Malik; Preeti R. BajajVol.2 No.131-56Free access
Comparison of different active contour models-based image segmentation techniques for metal alloy particle analysis in material science applicationsArti Bang; Guzayya Sarkhawas; Yogesh DandawateVol.2 No.112-30Free access
Deep learning feature map for content based image retrieval system for remote sensing applicationSwati Jain; Tanish Zaveri; Kinjal Prajapati; Shailee PatelVol.2 No.11-11Free access