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International Journal of Electronic Governance (IJEG)

International Journal of Electronic Governance

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Revised forensic framework validation and cloud forensic readinessStavros Simou; Christos Kalloniatis; Stefanos Gritzalis; Vasilis Katos; Michael PsalidasVol.14 No.1/2236-263Free access
A method for assessing the degree of openness of Semi-Open Data initiatives: applied to the justice domainMortaza S. Bargh; Sunil Choenni; Ronald Meijer; Sharvin ChoenniVol.14 No.1/2207-235Free access
The examination of voter opinions on the implementation and use of i-voting: the case of PolandMagdalena Musiał-Karg; Izabela KapsaVol.14 No.1/2195-206Free access
Design issues of a pan European smart cross border 'dream like' e-Gov primary healthcare medical serviceAlexander B. Sideridis; Elias Pimenidis; Loucas Protopappas; Michael Maliappis; Constantine Yialouris; Angelos Vasileios Maragkopoulos; Andrew ChatziandreouVol.14 No.1/2172-194Free access
Advanced digital skills towards interoperable e-government services: European and Greek case studiesAntonios Stasis; Anastasia PapastylianouVol.14 No.1/2145-171Free access
Combating fake news in social networks through the active participation of users: the approach of EUNOMIA projectPanagiotis Monachelis; Lazaros Toumanidis; Panagiotis Kasnesis; Charalampos PatrikakisVol.14 No.1/2131-144Free access
Online participation and crowdsourcing as a solution to mitigate news biasHimesha Wijekoon; Boris Schegolev; Vojtěch MerunkaVol.14 No.1/2112-130Free access
Privacy issues in Android applications: the cases of GPS navigators and fitness trackersStylianos Monogios; Kyriakos Magos; Konstantinos Limniotis; Nicholas Kolokotronis; Stavros ShiaelesVol.14 No.1/283-111Free access
Big data analytics in e-government and e-democracy applications: privacy threats, implications and mitigationPaola Mavriki; Maria KarydaVol.14 No.1/258-82Free access
Exploring data subjects' knowledge on the rights GDPR guarantees: an exploratory research in GreeceMaria Sideri; Stefanos Gritzalis; Athanasios FontarasVol.14 No.1/228-57Free access
Sensitive data hiding in financial anti-fraud processVassilios S. Verykios; Elias C. Stavropoulos; Vasilis Zorkadis; George Katsikatsos; Evangelos SakkopoulosVol.14 No.1/27-27Free access