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International Journal of Electronic Governance (IJEG)

International Journal of Electronic Governance

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Governance mechanisms in vulnerable communities using a technology platform: a study case in 13 de noviembre, ColombiaSara María Yepes Zuluaga; Jeferson Martínez Lozano; Fabio León Suarez Álvarez; Jose Alirio Barragán Sanchéz; Margarita María CorralesVol.15 No.187-104Free access
eTHOS: a web-based tax morale systemKonstantinos Fotiadis; Chairi Kiourt; Prodromos ChatzoglοuVol.15 No.174-86Free access
Blockchain and smart contract enabled smart and secure electronic voting systemKailash Chandra Bandhu; Ratnesh Litoriya; Murtaza Bagwala; Alakmar Barwaniwala; Manas GargVol.15 No.156-73Free access
Applications for citizen e-participation and communication in the Czech Republic - current supply and content analysis of mobile appsMichael Fanta; Radek SoběhartVol.15 No.135-55Free access
Improvement of e-government in Ukraine based on the experience of developed countriesIgor Oliychenko; Maryna Ditkovska; Yuliia Shabardina; Oksana Lashuk; Vladimir ZhovtokVol.15 No.14-34Free access