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1 new journal title has been published and uploaded to our online database since the previous Highlights. Here are its contents; to find the free full text of the articles of this inaugural issue, please click on the link provided:

International Journal of Spatio-Temporal Data Science
International Journal of Spatio-Temporal Data Science

  • Adaptive background modelling technique for moving object detection in video under dynamic environment
  • Performance analysis of moving object detection using BGS techniques in visual surveillance
  • Evaluating the performance of a neural network-based multi-criteria recommender system
  • Topic based hierarchical summarisation of Twitter
  • Colour transformed clustering-based water body extraction using IRS-1C LISS III image
  • Application of AHP-VIKOR and GMDH framework to develop an indicator to identify utilisation potential of wave energy converter with respect to location
  • State of art on efficient document co-editing in cloud collaboration

Additional Information

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Inderscience is pleased to announce that the following new journal title has been registered, with publication planned for 2019:

International Journal of Emerging Computing for Sustainable Agriculture

Submitting Articles

To submit a paper to this new title or to any of Inderscience's journals, please visit our For Authors page.

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Dr. Xubin Song
Founding Editor in Chief, International Journal of Powertrains

The history of ground vehicles is, in a sense, largely representative of the modernisation of human life. In 1769, a steam engine was used to power the first human transporter "car". The first four-stroke engine was developed in 1861, and that made it possible for automobiles to be powered by internal combustion engines. Since the advent of car manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz and the Ford Motor Company in the early twentieth century, automobiles have gradually become an integral part of modern human life. More interestingly, electric cars and hybrid vehicles had also been around since the early 1900s... More

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Our ten pre-selected online journal subject collections are listed below. Each collection is broken into more specific sub-collections, full details of which are available via the links provided.

Computing and Mathematics
Economics and Finance
Education, Knowledge and Learning
Energy and Environment
Healthcare and Biosciences
Management and Business
Public Policy and Administration
Risk, Safety and Emergency Management
Science, Engineering and Technology
Society and Leisure

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International Journal of Comparative Management announces 2017-2018 awards

The International Journal of Comparative Management's Editor in Chief, Prof. K.S. Reddy is pleased to announce awards for 2017-2018 for Best Paper, Highly Commended Paper, and Outstanding Reviewers. Click here to read the full news item.


International Journal of Computational Materials Science and Surface Engineering Board Member wins national award

Prof. Yanxiong Liu, one of the Editorial Board Members of the International Journal of Computational Materials Science and Surface Engineering, is the second person-in-charge of the project "The Technology and Equipment of Combined Fine Blanking Process For High Precision and High strength Mid-Thick Plate Structural Components", which recently won Second Prize in the 2018 National Technological Invention Award.
More details are available here.

Editorial appointments

New editors have been appointed as follows:

Associate Prof. Li (Juliet) Hui to the International Journal of Chinese Culture and Management.
Associate Prof. David Schein to the International Journal of Cultural Management.
Dr. Erol Kalkan to the International Journal of Earthquake and Impact Engineering.
Prof. Djamel Eddine Laouisset to the International Journal of Healthcare Policy.
Dr. Dharma P. Agrawal and Prof. B.B. Gupta to the International Journal of High Performance Computing and Networking.
Prof. Yue Guo to the International Journal of Information Systems and Management.
Prof. Tao Wu to the International Journal of Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications.
Associate Prof. John Dong to the International Journal of Intercultural Information Management.
Prof. Francisco Javier Carrillo to the International Journal of Knowledge-Based Development.
Associate Prof. Joseph Amankwah-Amoah as Rotating Editor to the International Journal of Multinational Corporation Strategy.
Prof. Alexander Kryanev to the International Journal of Nuclear Governance, Economy and Ecology.

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The following sample issues and open access articles have been made available since the previous edition of Highlights. All of the articles can be accessed for free.
Free Sample Issues
Computing, Mathematics and Communications
Int. J. of Big Data Intelligence
Int. J. of Bio-Inspired Computation
Int. J. of Cloud Computing
Int. J. of Computational Economics and Econometrics
Int. J. of Computational Intelligence Studies
Int. J. of Computational Vision and Robotics
Int. J. of Computational Systems Engineering
Int. J. of Computing Science and Mathematics
Int. J. of Data Science
Int. J. of Dynamical Systems and Differential Equations
Int. J. of Embedded Systems
Int. J. of Internet Protocol Technology
Int. J. of Internet Technology and Secured Transactions
Int. J. of Mobile Network Design and Innovation
Int. J. of Simulation and Process Modelling
Int. J. of Swarm Intelligence
Int. J. of Systems, Control and Communications
Int. J. of Wireless and Mobile Computing
Progress in Computational Fluid Dynamics, An Int. J.
Economics and Finance
Int. J. of Bonds and Derivatives
Int. J. of Managerial and Financial Accounting
Education, Knowledge and Learning
Int. J. of Foresight and Innovation Policy
Int. J. of Knowledge-Based Development
Int. J. of Knowledge Engineering and Data Mining
Int. J. of Learning and Change
Energy and Environment
Interdisciplinary Environmental Review
Int. J. of Environment, Workplace and Employment
Int. J. of Exergy
Int. J. of Grid and Utility Computing
Int. J. of Water
Healthcare and Biosciences
Int. J. of Bioinformatics Research and Applications
Int. J. of Computational Biology and Drug Design
Int. J. of Happiness and Development
Int. J. of Low Radiation
Management and Business
African J. of Economic and Sustainable Development
Int. J. of Advanced Operations Management
Int. J. of Business and Emerging Markets
Int. J. of Corporate Governance
Int. J. of Comparative Management
European Journal of Cross-Cultural Competence and Management
Int. J. of Enterprise Network Management
Int. J. of Internet Marketing and Advertising
Int. J. of Information Technology and Management
Int. J. of Management and Enterprise Development
Int. J. of Management Concepts and Philosophy
Int. J. of Multicriteria Decision Making
Int. J. of Process Management and Benchmarking
Int. J. of Supply Chain and Inventory Management
Int. J. of Technology, Policy and Management
Int. J. of Trade and Global Markets
Middle East J. of Management
Public Policy and Administration
Int. J. of Private Law
Science, Engineering and Technology
European J. of Industrial Engineering
Int. J. of Abrasive Technology
Int. J. of Applied Nonlinear Science
Int. J. of Arts and Technology
Int. J. of Automotive Technology and Management
Int. J. of Experimental Design and Process Optimisation
Int. J. of Intelligent Engineering Informatics
Int. J. of Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications
Int. J. of Machining and Machinability of Materials
Int. J. of Materials Engineering Innovation
Int. J. of Microstructure and Materials Properties
Int. J. of Mining and Mineral Engineering
Int. J. of Nano and Biomaterials
Int. J. of Nanomanufacturing
Int. J. of Nanoparticles
Int. J. of Powertrains
Int. J. of Product Development
Int. J. of Reasoning-based Intelligent Systems
Int. J. of Sensor Networks
Int. J. of Spatio-Temporal Data Science
Int. J. of System of Systems Engineering
Int. J. of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development
Int. J. of Vehicle Design
World Review of Intermodal Transportation Research
Society and Leisure
Int. J. of Society Systems Science
Int. J. of Tourism Anthropology
Open Access Articles
Study on learning resource authentication in MOOCs based on blockchain
Int. J. of Computational Science and Engineering
Luxury limbo: temporal techniques of border control and the humanitarianisation of waiting
Int. J. of Migration and Border Studies
The long-term viability of US wine grape vineyards: assessing vineyard labour costs for future technology development
Int. J. of Entrepreneurship and Small Business

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The following articles were selected for their wider appeal to a more general audience, and some have been featured in the scientific and business press as well as the international media:
Computing, Mathematics and Communications
An innovative and efficient method for Twitter sentiment analysis
Facial beauty analysis by age and gender
Human age classification using appearance and facial skin ageing features with multi-class support vector machine
Improved cyberbully detection techniques using multiple correlation coefficient from forum corpus
Influence maximisation in social networks
Economics and Finance
Democracy and economic growth
The analysis of unemployment, happiness and demographic factors using log-linear models
Trading the stock market using Google search volumes: a long short-term memory approach
Education, Knowledge and Learning
Advancing teaching with massive open online courses: a review of case studies
An experiment in blended learning: higher education without lectures?
The digital divide: implications for the eSafety of children and adolescents
Energy and Environment
Current practice and policy for transforming e-waste into urban mining: case study in Taiwan
Economic utilisation of rice straw - an effort for preventing social hazard
The grass is greener: developing and implementing a green consumer satisfaction index
Healthcare and Biosciences
A corpus-oriented perspective on terminologies of side effect and adverse reaction in support of text retrieval for drug repurposing
An efficient two stage encryption for securing personal health records in cloud computing
Automatic detection of stereotyped movements in autistic children using the Kinect sensor
Data mining and ontology-based techniques in healthcare management
Ethiopian maize diseases recognition and classification using support vector machine
Extremely small energy requirement by poliovirus to proliferate itself is the key to an outbreak of an epidemic
Happiness, economic growth and air pollution: an empirical investigation
Microcalcifications segmentation from mammograms for breast cancer detection
Management and Business
A comparative study on glocal commercial advertisement perceptions - British and French viewers' responses to Red Bull
Desire and likeliness to buy luxury products: mapping perceptions using multi-dimensional scaling
Employee voice and silence: a bibliometric analysis of the literature
How can research on culture in international business be made more interesting?
Impact of social media on brand commitment: testing the mediation role of perceived value and brand image
Innovation developments in the wine industry: a journey from the amphorae of old to the California wine cluster
The complementary role of advertising and electronic word-of-mouth for blockbusters and low-budget motion pictures
Workplace spirituality: insights from the Bhagavad Gita
Public Policy and Administration
An analysis of different Brexit outcomes and their effect on inward FDI to the UK
The European Union's smart specialisation launch and brand slogan management
Risk, Safety and Emergency Management
Combating credit card fraud with online behavioural targeting and device fingerprinting
Social media in emergency management: exploring Twitter use by emergency responders in the UK
Science, Engineering and Technology
An improved energy-aware and self-adaptive deployment method for autonomous underwater vehicles
The research on the selection of the rice transfer machine
Society and Leisure
Niche tourism (birdwatching) and its impacts on the well-being of a remote island and its residents
The good, the bad and the ugly: images of the foreigner in contemporary criminal law

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