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International Journal of Intelligent Engineering Informatics (IJIEI)

International Journal of Intelligent Engineering Informatics

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Similarity-based optimised and adaptive adversarial attack on image classification using neural networkBalika J. Chelliah; Mohammad Mustafa Malik; Ashwin Kumar; Nitin Singh; R. ReginVol.11 No.171-95Free access
An investigation of machine learning-based intrusion detection system in mobile ad hoc networkC. Edwin Singh; S. Maria Celestin VigilaVol.11 No.154-70Free access
Efficient feature extraction on mammogram images using enhanced grey level co-occurrence matrixS. Surya; A. MuthukumaravelVol.11 No.135-53Free access
Adaptive and effective spatio-temporal modelling for offensive video classification using deep neural networkBalika J. Chelliah; K. Harshitha; Saharsh PandeyVol.11 No.119-34Free access
Context parameters retrieval framework from electronic healthcare record through biomedical NLP for clinical supportGaurav Paliwal; Aaquil Bunglowala; Pravesh KanthedVol.11 No.11-18Free access