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International Journal of Enterprise Network Management (IJENM)

International Journal of Enterprise Network Management

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
An improved downlink packet scheduling algorithm for delay sensitive devices in both H2H and M2M communications in LTE-advanced networksS. Radhakrishnan; S. Neduncheliyan; K.K. ThyagharajanVol.11 No.194-111Free access
An optimised neural network-based spectrum prediction scheme for cognitive radioB. Bhuvaneswari; T. MeeradeviVol.11 No.176-93Free access
Enterprise big data analysis using SVM classifier and lexicon dictionaryS. Radha; C. Nelson Kennedy BabuVol.11 No.165-75Free access
Feature selection and instance selection using cuttlefish optimisation algorithm through tabu searchV. Karunakaran; M. Suganthi; V. RajasekarVol.11 No.132-64Free access
GRO and WeGO - algorithmic approaches to integrate the heterogeneous databases and enhance the evaluation of ontology mapping systems in the semantic webV. Rajeswari; M. Kavitha; Dharmishtan K. VarugheseVol.11 No.114-31Free access
Mining massive online location-based services from user activity using best first gradient boosted distributed decision treeM. Venkatesh; V. Mohan Raj; Y. SureshVol.11 No.13-13Free access